Spider-Man 4: Kevin Feige Wants Peter Parker To Play This Role

To put it mildly, Marvel Studios blew San Diego Comic-Con out of the water, making announcements about almost a dozen films and television projects that will be part of the MCU’s Phases 4, 5, and 6. In contrast, Spider-Man 4, which will see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker embark on a new adventure, mainly went unnoticed.

After the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the whole world has forgotten Peter Parker’s existence due to a spell placed by Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. He may still be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man who has safeguarded New York City since high school, but he will be more alone than ever since he will have no one to turn to for assistance.

This happened after Spider-Man: No Way Home, as we witnessed the MCU’s Spiderman sacrifice his friendships with fans and friends to rescue the world from crumbling. As a result, we may anticipate seeing the character more secluded in the next episode.

While Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker had numerous pals, he stayed alone in a dilapidated apartment in Sam Raimi’s original web crawler installation.

After the abrupt ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have anticipated a fresh take on Peter Parker in the upcoming fourth installment of the Spider-Man film series, unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con. More of the ‘neighborhood’ will be fascinating to see for the character.

Kevin Feige On Spider-Man’s Future In The MCU

In an interview with the editor, Nick Lowe, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke about his vision for Spider-Man 4. Feige addressed the possibility of Peter Parker becoming a teacher or a scientist if he hadn’t become Spider-Man when asked about his dream Peter Parker profession.

“Teacher and scientist are the ones that always stick with me because if he hadn’t become Spider-Man, that’s who he was anyway. That’s always the duality of Spidey. Between doing what he is now able to do with these powers but also trying to live the life he would have had anyway. Or attempting to.”

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Feige also addressed a fascinating question: which period of Spider-Man would he most want to see a movie based on? He hinted at a Buster Keaton-directed silent Spider-Man feature while also citing William Powell’s 1934 film The Thin Man as a significant influence:

“Buster Keaton’s hard to beat in any capacity. He’s a little older than Peter, even when making his earliest movies. I’ve recently become obsessed with William Powell from The Thin Man. He’s also a little bit older in those films than Peter, but I’d like to have seen him swinging around.”

What Does This Mean For The Movie?

Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige may hint at the direction he plans to take Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4 by favoring Peter as a teacher or scientist because Spidey is no longer in school.

The narrative of Spider-Man 4 may allow Peter to explore some of the elements of his life he has missed out on since he has spent so much time defending his friends and family. With no one to depend on, the hero’s double-life will be much more challenging to handle, but it will be intriguing to see how he returns for another solitary quest.

Will Tom Holland Be Cast As Spider-Man Teacher/Scientist?

According to Jeff Sneider of The Ankler, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue in a fourth standalone Spider-Man film.

Sneider believes he hasn’t signed a contract with Marvel or Sony to reprise his role as Spider-Man despite plans for additional MCU Holland-led Spidey flicks. For the time being, Sony Pictures is likely to make this a top priority as it strives to maintain the momentum of the Spider-Man franchise.

Also, considering that om Holland was dropped (or fired?) from the upcoming Disney+ animation series Spider-Man: Freshman Year, the chances of the British actor returning seem bleak.