Spider-Man 4: Mando’s Scorpion Stings, Sinister Six Looms

Tom Holland Returns As Spider-Man With Michael Mando Rumored To Play Scorpion In The Upcoming Spider-Man 4, Fueling Speculations About The Potential Assembly Of The

By Amitabh Mukherji
March 29,2023

Tom Holland is set to reprise his role as the web-slinging hero in Spider-Man 4, as Marvel and Sony extend their partnership over Spider-Man. As each film introduces new villains, fans are eager to find out who can top the massive showdown in No Way Home.

Scorpion: Michael Mando’s Villainous Role

Michael Mando To Return As The Scorpion In MCU's Spider-Man 4
Michael Mando To Return As The Scorpion In MCU’s Spider-Man 4

Scorpion, a classic Spider-Man villain, first appeared in the 2017 film Homecoming’s post-credits scene, where Michael Keaton’s Vulture encounters Michael Mando’s Mac Gargan. Since then, fans have eagerly anticipated Scorpion’s battle against Holland’s Spider-Man, but earlier rumors of Mando’s involvement were dismissed. With the MCU moving forward with the Spider-Man storyline, rumors of Mando’s return have resurfaced, and a recent Twitter report has seemingly confirmed this news.

Sinister Six Speculations For Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man Vs The Sinister Six
Spider-Man Vs The Sinister Six

The Marvel and Sony universes have been gradually converging, hinting at the potential assembly of the Sinister Six. With Vulture, Morbius, and Scorpion indirectly encountering one another, the Multiverse Saga leaves the door open for these villains to wreak havoc.

Since Tobey Maguire’s 2002 live-action debut, Spider-Man has remained a fan favorite. Andrew Garfield’s rendition was praised for its comic book accuracy, while Tom Holland’s portrayal captured the essence of a teenager with superpowers embracing his destiny.

A Potential Sinister Six Movie

The Sinister Six
The Sinister Six

Despite three versions of Spider-Man, eight films, and numerous villains, the Sinister Six have yet to appear in any of these movies. With Spider-Man 4 on the horizon, rumors have begun circulating that Marvel bosses may finally introduce the Sinister Six in the fourth installment.

If Michael Mando’s Scorpion does indeed appear in Spider-Man 4, it could serve as the catalyst for the long-awaited Sinister Six film, further solidifying the successful partnership between Sony and Marvel.