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Spider-Man 4 Update: Jacob Batalon Teases Fans With Hobgoblin Photo

By Ganesh K
June 21,2022

Jacob Batalon who plays the character “Ned” in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movie posted an Instagram story with a Hobgoblin photo.

In that story, we can see him holding a Hobgoblin action figure teasing the fans about his future in MCU.

There are rumors and speculations about Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) becoming the Hobgoblin in future Spider-Man movies.

MCU Spider-Man 4 Theory Reveals Twisted Reason Ned Becomes Hobgoblin

MCU Spider-Man 4 Theory Reveals Twisted Reason Ned Becomes Hobgoblin

Jacob Batalon as Hobgoblin

The Spider-Man: No Way Home came to an emotional conclusion with everyone forgetting Peter Parker, especially Ned and MJ.

However, in Spider-Man: No Way Home movie there is a specific scene where Ned learns from Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker that his best friend turned into a villain and tried to kill him.

This made Ned promise Tom Holland’s Peter that he wouldn’t do the same but in the comics, he is more related to the Hobgoblin character.

Will Ned become the Hobgoblin?

Although, there is a possibility that Jacob Batalon returning in Spider-Man 4 movie as the Hobgoblin.

Jacob Batalon’s Instagram Photo

Jacob Batalon shared a picture of him holding a Hobgoblin action figure toy in his Instagram story.

Which was shared via Reddit, leading to more speculation about his character Ned Leeds becoming Hobgoblin in the next Spider-Man movie.

Jacob Batalon

Jacob Batalon

Ned’s Hobgoblin Connection

In the comics, Ned Leeds is a name often associated with the villain Hobgoblin, whose history is quite complicated.

Later on Hobgoblin became one of Spider-Man’s biggest villain.

Even though lots of people owned the Hobgoblin persona in the comics, Robert Kingsley acquired the Green Goblin gears and became Hobgoblin.

After that Robert’s Hobgoblin brainwashes Ned to believe he’s the Hobgoblin.

Eventually, Ned’s Hobgoblin ends up making some big moves of his own. One of those is orchestrating an alliance with Richard Fisk, Kingpin’s son.

This leads both of them to create a criminal operation to overthrow Wilson Fisk (King Pin).

In the end, Ned’s identity as Hobgoblin gets out to the public and it leads to the tragic end of Ned’s Hobgoblin.



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