Spider-Man And Wolverine Are Literally Blood Brothers

Spider-Man and Wolverine are very different characters. After all, Peter Parker is known as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man who has a sense of power, responsibility, and humor.

Meanwhile, Logan is Wolverine, and he is certainly powerful and is the best at what he does. But even at his best, he isn’t very nice. But a time-travel adventure has made them more connected than ever before.

This adventure made them literal blood brothers. So let us find out how that happened.

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine Book Changes Spider-Man And Wolverine’s Dynamic

Wolverine and Spider-Man are very different from each other. They are two of the most popular characters of Marvel and good friends in the comics too. However, they do refuse to admit that to each other.

The two met and built their friendship over years of team-ups and their time in the New Avengers. But it was Adam Kubert and Jason Aaron’s Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine comic book series that made the duo more than just passing teammates.

Now, in the book, it did take some years for them to bond with each other. Here’s how it began- in Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, we find that the two of them have been lost in time after trying to stop a bank robbery.

Wolverine gets the phoenix force

They travel together through various eras that range from a post-apocalyptic future to prehistoric times. But that’s not all. They also go into each other’s past. This makes them learn more about each other than either of them expected.

Wolverine even gets the power of the Phoenix as a result of this time travel adventure! Eventually, it is revealed that Mojo is the one pulling the strings on their time travel.

When Spidey and Solvents face the media mogul, they end up in the Old West for three long years with the bank teller that began the whole adventure. If this entire adventure sounds crazy fun to you, then know that it is!

Spider-Man And Wolverine Become Blood Brothers

Wolverine and Spider-Man are blood brothers

In issue #6, there’s a campfire, and our heroes are sitting beside it. They talk with a local tribe about the way they ended up in their time period. During the story, they even mention how Peter talked Wolverine down after he got overwhelmed by the phoenix force and almost destroyed everything.

Logan then turns to Parker and says:

“There’s a lot I oughta say, Peter but… I just ain’t as good with words as you are, kid.”

Logan then cuts his palm open before doing the same with Peter and then clasping their hands, thus forming a blood bond. Ultimately, they are able to go back.

They come back to the time right when they left. But the bank teller wasn’t able to remember their time together. Now, neither Spidey nor Wolverine have acknowledged the events till now, but their blood brother ritual has added a tonne of dimension to the pair’s love/hate relationship.

Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine comic

After all, when Spidey’s body was taken over and controlled by Doctor Octopus, and he was at risk of getting kicked out of the Avengers, it was Logan who defended him from the accusations of his teammates.

Recently, Wolverine also revealed that it is hard to put faith and trust in Peter, but he still showed up when Parker called the New Avengers for help. So even though Logan is a tough guy who doesn’t show vulnerability much, but he still has a soft spot for Spidey.

Now that Wolverine and Spider-Man have such an interesting dynamic, it will be interesting to see how that translates on the big screen. After all, the Spidey of the MCU does team up quite often, and that too with older heroes.

And what better team-up would be there on the big screen than two of the most popular characters of Marvel showing up to help each other. Not to mention that the two of them would fit right in the current phase of the MCU.

Whether this will even happen in live-action remains to be seen. However, this comic book series has helped paved the way for the team-up between these two big hitters. Also, even if they don’t admit it, but Wolverine and Peter care for each other as well.

So if they butt heads, then know that that’s just what brothers do.

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