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Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire Sneaked Into Theater To Watch No Way Home

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 8,2022

Andrew Garfield said in a recent interview that he and his Spider-Man predecessor Tobey Maguire quietly snuck into a screening of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The two of them reprised their roles as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the third movie of Holland’s MCU Spider-Man trilogy. Garfield donned the red and blue webbed suit for the first time during Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies from 2012 to 2014.

The Amazing Spider-Man was released in 2012, and Garfield took over the role from Tobey Maguire after Sony didn’t want to make a fourth movie in the Raimi Spider-Man continuity.

The 2012 Spider-Man movie with Garfield as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey, and Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors was overall well-received. But the same can’t be said for the 2014 sequel.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn’t well-received at all because of its over-ambitious narrative to set up a completely new Spider-Man cinematic universe. In trying to do a little of everything, the movie didn’t do enough of anything, and that led to its downfall.

After that, the MCU took over the character, and Tom Holland became Spider-Man. But thankfully, in No Way Home, both Maguire’s and Garfield’s versions return, delighting fans worldwide. This was after repeated statements by Garfield in various interviews saying that he wasn’t in the movie.

So this certainly isn’t the first time they have been sneaky.

Andrew Garfield Talks About Sneaking Into A Theater With Tobey Maguire

Tobey And Andrew

Tobey And Andrew

In an interview with ET Online, Andrew Garfield talked about working with his fellow Spider-Man, as well as Maguire, and his theater trip. Garfield said that he was still shocked that he could return alongside Maguire and Holland.

After this, he said that Maguire and he snuck into a theater in a common disguise to watch the movie. Garfield said that no one had caught on to the fact that the two of them had gone to the screening. The actor said that it was a very beautiful experience between them.

Here’s his quote on the matter:

“I still can’t believe it happened. I snuck into a theater on opening night and just watched with my baseball cap on and my mask. In fact, I was also with Tobey, me and Tobey snuck into a theater together and no one knew we were there. It was just a really beautiful thing to share together.”

Fans Want To See Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man Again

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield

Even though Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was met with a lukewarm response, his time in No Way Home was warmly received by fans. Everyone admired his portrayal, and they especially loved the fact that his Peter got redemption over Gwen’s death.

In fact, fans are so in love with Garfield that right now there’s an ongoing campaign to get The Amazing Spider-Man 3 made. Also, after No Way Home’s premiere, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 trended on Twitter as well.

Fans think that just like Tobey and Tom, Andrew should get a chance to complete his Spider-Man trilogy. Andrew himself has expressed interest and said that he is willing to return for the right part.

Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man

Garfield has been praised in No Way Home for his earnest, witty, and lovable portrayal. Also, his performance in the movie has led to the Spider-Man fanbase reevaluating their criticism of his acting.

Also, his chemistry with co-star Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy was once again loved and appreciated as well. Overall, it’s really great that the on-screen bond he shared with Maguire’s Peter has translated beautifully off-screen as well.

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