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Spider-Man: No Way Home Concept Art Reveals Extended Fight Of Doc Ock And Green Goblin

By Soniya Hinduja
January 21,2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home was no short of an impeccable combination of thrilling spectacles and heartwarming moments. The recent threequel proved to be Tom Holland’s third solo outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the film escalated in thrill by introducing the Multiverse and the repercussions caused by tweaking it. No Way Home brings back some of the MCU’s most admired characters like Doctor Strange and Happy Hogan. But that’s not all; the movie featured the arrival of villains from previous Spider-Man franchises like Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, Sandman and many more. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home introduced these Multiversal villains in the most unexpected ways. For instance, Jamie Foxx’s Electro entered the scene by drawing in energy from the MCU. After which he transformed himself into an entirely new version. Whereas Thomas Hayden Church’s Sandman made the striking deed of securing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker from Electro first. And then he acknowledges the fact that the MCU’s web-slinger is not the version of Spider-Man he is acquainted with.  

On the other hand, the entrances to Doc Ock and Green Goblin were much more grand. They were essentially present throughout the film’s promotions as their freeway battle served as a potential for excitement. However, in the final cut of No Way Home, Peter’s encounter with the two villains was shorter. And instead, the freeway scene included vocal back and forth between him and Octavius.

But recently, a distinct look at the film’s original freeway battle has surfaced.

Green Goblin & Doc Ock Team Up Against Holland’s Wallcrawler

Spider-Man: No Way Home concept artist Sean Hargreaves shared a new batch of concept art from the MCU threequel via ArtStation. The art reveals a distinguished look at Spider-Man: No Way Home’s freeway battle scene. 

According to concept art by Hargreaves, it is apparent that Osborn and Octavius act in unison against Holland’s Peter at some point on the freeway: 

Concept Art by Sean Hargreaves

In another shot of the art, we can see Doc Ock and Green Goblin attacking innocent villains. Thus sticking true to their villainous nature: 

Concept Art by Sean Hargreaves

Artist Sean Hargreaves also shared the fact that Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus’ freeway attack was “more epic originally.” To support the detail, the artist even added an overview of the entire area later destroyed as an aftermath:  

No Way Home Freeway Collapses

Also, the Marvel artist inserted a preview of the chaos that unfolded in the previous idea. The art shows that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in his attempt to save a collapsed freeway: 

Concept Art by Sean Hargreaves

Yet another reveal of the bridge area that makes fans familiar with the overall influence of Doc Ock and Green Goblin in the MCU after their arrival:

Destruction caused by freeway battle

Not only that, a quick keyframe of the ideally planned freeway battle reveals more innocent civilians in the way of harm, as it also included a train:

Holland’s Peter trying to save the day

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A Unison Of The Multiverse Villains 

The recent disclosure of the initial concept art comes as a surprise to fans. Mainly because of how the original idea behind No Way Home’s freeway battle ensued more destruction. When compared to the final product, we understand just how much of it got cut off during the film’s later development. 

Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus are two of the most fearsome villains from Spider-Man’s catalog of antagonists. So it is obvious that their arrival at No Way Home had to be flawless and monumental. In fact, the movie did triumph in offering them a remarkable entrance. But now it appears as if the concept art would have proven to be influential in creating a more formidable scenario for the pair. 

A tie-up between Osborn for Osborn and Octavius would definitely be interesting. It would allow an immersive narrative. Mainly because the two never really engaged in proper action sequences in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. 

Also, if the film saw Holland’s Peter Parker fighting Doc Ock and Green Goblin at the same time, it would create a compelling series of action-packed scenes. One where the web-slinger would need to stay calm and strategize to prevail.

Initial Idea Of No Way Home Freeway Battle

Spider-Man: No Way Home visual effects supervisor Kelly Port once mentioned that the bridge fight between Peter and Doc Ock was originally “15 minutes long.” Needless to say, some of the said parts from the scene that got cut off are now displayed through Hargreaves’ concept art. 

With that said, had No Way Home included a longer battle sequence, it would have enabled Peter, Octavius, and Osborn to interact more. Hence leaving more potential to serve thrilling action sequences including hard-hitting punches among the trio. 

Whether if No Way Home’s deleted scenes will include these extended parts from the initial freeway battle is still an uncertainty. Whatever be the case, the latest keyframes from the concept art give fans a closer look. Showing how incredibly grand the entire sequence was according to the original idea. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now running in theaters across the world.

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