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Spider Man: No Way Home Extended Cut Released

By Sumit Sahu
September 3,2022

Spider Man: No Way Home is again released in theatres with an extended cut. This extended cut is just an addition of 11 minutes of screen time to the entire movie. So, should you watch it or not? We will let you answer that question for yourself by the end of this post.

If you want to enjoy this extended cut without any idea about these 11 minutes, then close this post now. It is because you will have a lot of spoilers about these extended minutes throughout this post.

But, if you want to get the brief on what are the extended scenes to decide if you should book your tickets or not, then this is the post for you.

The Added Scenes To Original Spider Man: No Way Home Movie

Spider Man Extended Cut

Spider Man Extended Cut

The added scenes are somehow good, but are not that magical to motivate you to watch it again in theatres. I will break down the scenes in pointers for you to understand them better:

1. A Zoom Call Between Tobey, Andrew and Tom

Zoom Call

Zoom Call

As this extended cut begins, a Zoom call is shown between Tobey, Andrew and Tom who were discussing about how they are now free to talk about it. There was a restriction on them to shut their mouth until the movie is released. So, this conversation is added onto this extended cut.

2. Glimpse Of Tom Holland And His Brother

Harry Holland

Harry Holland

Harry Holland, the real-life brother of Tom Holland was casted in this movie as a robber who was stealing something from a shop and gets caught by Spider Man. At that moment, people come around and tease Spider Man about being a teenager kid being incapable of taking decisions for crimes in the city.

While Spider Man is trying to justify himself, someone comes and throws Green Paint at him. Yes, it is the scene that we originally got to see in a news montage. But, in the extended cut, you will get to see the complete scene of when and how it actually happened.

3. Peter’s School Struggles

Peter's School Struggles

Peter’s School Struggles

Peter heads to school after his identity is revealed and his difficulties just escalated. His gym teacher praises him and asks him to crawl on the wall. He does that in a sense of looking cool, but soon people around him started looking at him in a creepy way, which depressed him to some extent.

4. Betty Brant’s Interview (Longest Extension)

The next big inclusion is an interview by Betty Brant, where she is addressing all known friends and foes of Peter Parker. It is a 3 to 4 minutes long inclusion out of 11 minutes of extended screen time. In this scene, she is interviewing Ned, Flash, school’s principal and other such connected characters. It is an interesting conversation, but doesn’t make the extended cut worthy enough to be watched again in theatres.

5. Aunty May’s Elevator Scene 

We get to see the scene where Aunty May is taking every Spider Man villain to Happy’s apartment for Peter to work on their cure.

6. Happy and Matt Murdock’s Scene

Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock

In this extended scene, we see Happy having a discussion with Matt Murdock, a.k.a Daredevil. They are sitting right in front of Agent Cleary from DODC department. It is the exact moment when Happy gets an alert on his mobile phone that some people are entering into his apartment.

And then, we see Matt Murdock says Happy, “Stop sweating!”. Happy gives a shocking reply and says, “How can you even see?”

This scene is appreciated as people love the Daredevil’s character. And the more MCU keeps giving glimpse of him, the more people are going to praise it before the actual movie or series arrives.

7. J. Jonah Jameson’s Interviews

Some of the added scenes included interviews conducted by J. Jonah Jameson on Spider Man’s acts. Many people were seen telling him that Spider Man actually saved him and is a superhero.

8. Conversation Between Tobey, Andrew and Tom’s Spider Man

As the movie was inching towards end, we get an extended version of the conversation between Tobey, Andrew and Tom. They were talking about how Tobey can shoot webs out of his hands without any external wearable gadget.

Andrew asked him whether he thinks of ‘WEB’ to release webs from his palms or something else. To which Tobey replies, “No, it is nothing like that!”. Along with this, there were few more statements in this conversation that will make you laugh for sure.

9. MJ’s Request

Closing Scene

Closing Scene

The entire climax scene of Spider Man: No Way Home is the same without any additional scenes that could have made this extended cut worth seeing. But in the end, when Peter was convinced that everyone should forget who he is, there is an emotional element added right to this scene.

Doctor Strange asks Peter to meet his loved ones as he doesn’t have much time left before everyone forgets him. And when he goes down to meet MJ and tells her the trust, she asks him to convince Doctor Strange for casting the spell to make everyone forget both of them, and not just Peter.

And this was all about the additional scenes to Spider Man: No Way Home Extended Cut. This post has just verbally explained the scenes, while if you still want to enjoy it, you will like the way they are placed throughout the movie.


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