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Spider-Man Remastered launch for the PC: Cost, specifications, and more information

By Romesh Khatri
August 14,2022

Hey, marvel fam!  Here is another flabbergasting news for you all about Marvel. We all have been waiting for Spider-Man remastered to launch. It is here now!

Ray-Tracing is supported in Spider-Man Remastered on PC and ultra-wide monitors. 

Before the game launches, review all the information you need to know. 

The eagerly awaited Spider-Man Remastered, a remastered version of the 2018 PlayStation exclusive game, has finally reached PC players. The videogame became playable in India starting at 8:30 PM IST on August 12.

Both Steam and the Epic Games Store will have access to it. Some significant improvements over the original version include unlocked framerates, support for ultra-wide monitors, ray traced reflections, and keyboard and mouse compatibility.

Additionally, the game supports the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller and offers unique vibration and haptic effects that will enhance the immersion of the experience.

The PlayStation 5 version of the game—which is a remastered version of the 2018 PlayStation 4 title and comes with the Black Cat DLC—will be available to PC players. Additionally, the younger-looking Peter Parker in the remastered version, which fans claim resembles Tom Holland, is present.

System Requirements For Spider-Man Remastered

The game is 75GB in size and requires Windows 10 64-bit or later. The lowest system requirements indicate that Spider-Man Remastered may run smoothly at 720p on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 or equivalent AMD GPU, thus it appears that the game’s developers did an excellent job of optimizing it.

The game requires an AMD or Intel Core i3-4160 processor, which is on the lower end of the CPU requirements scale. Remember that the game needs at least 8GB of RAM, which is essentially typical on modern PCs.

A minimum of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 or AMD Radeon RX6950 XT is required to play the game with Ultimate Ray Tracing at 4K 60 frames per second. Additionally, an Intel Core i7-12700K or AMD Ryzen 9 5900X or later CPU is needed for Spider-Man Remastered. In order to play at the maximum settings, the creators advise users to have 75GB of free space on their SSD and 32GB of RAM.

Cost Of Spider-Man Remastered

The game costs Rs 3,999 in India and is offered on both Epic Store and Steam. This is more expensive than comparable PlayStation 4 ports like God of War, Days Gone, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Three Spider-Man suits—the Spider-Punk Suit, the Iron Spider Suit, and the classic Velocity Suit—can be unlocked by those who pre-order the game. Players will also receive five additional skill points and have early access to the Spider-Drone device.

Key Release Dates