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Spider-Man’s New MCU Trilogy Rebuts 3 Major No Way Home Theories

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 2,2021

Three significant Spider-Man: NWH hypotheses have already been debunked by the announcement of Spider-Man’s New MCU Trilogy by Marvel and Sony. Marvel Comics characters have been introduced to the big screen in several MCU films. This does include Spider-Man. However, the character couldn’t be brought to life because of a dispute over the character’s rights. As a result of an agreement between Marvel and Sony, the web-slinger could join both the MCU and Sony’s reality.

The Negotiations Between Sony And Marvel

Spiderman venom

After making his MCU debut in Civil War, Tom Holland starred in his first solo outing in Spider-Man: Homecoming. With the release of Far From Home, the Infinity Saga came to a close. This was done with the conclusion of Spider-Man’s storyline. Having his identity exposed, Peter Parker will return in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This is where he and Doctor Strange will tamper with the fabric of time and space to keep his loved ones safe from harm. A multiverse war will be created by bringing villains from previous Spider-Man films into the MCU.

Many theories have been put forth about the role of Spider-past Man’s versions and how these villains are returning. This and how Holland’s future will be after this third adventure following the most recent deal between Marvel and Sony. It has eventually led to a lot of speculation. No Way Home has already debunked three main No Way Home hypotheses, including the original one that Peter will die. Sony producer Amy Pascal has disclosed that they are already negotiating with Marvel on new Spider-Man movies to maintain the web-slinger in the MCU for longer.

Peter Parker’s Future In The MCU

Holland’s Spider-Man was rumoured to die in No Way Home. This left many fans believing that he would be killed in the multiverse conflict. And now that can’t happen because he’s returning for three more films. Other popular rumors suggested that Peter might join figures like Venom and Morbius in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. However, it has already been established that he will remain a part of the MCU.


Specifically, the third central No Way Home hypothesis that has been debunked is that this will be Holland’s final MCU movie. This is because the arrangement that let him stay for a third solo movie was thought to cease after No Way Home. Given the success of Holland’s Spider-Man and how Sony and the MCU have been developing the multiverse through Spider-Man, creating a new Spider-Man trilogy as part of the MCU shouldn’t come as a surprise. This is especially given that Venom is part of the multiverse and can cross paths with the MCU’s Peter Parker at some point.

As the consequences of opening the multiverse’s gates will be enormous. Fans can rest assured that Tom Holland will not die as Peter Parker in the next big-screen adventure. This is all thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home, which will shape Peter Parker’s future in the MCU as well as in Sony’s universe. It will also affect future MCU projects that aren’t directly related to him.

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