Spiderman: NWH Deleted Scene Shows Different Outcome For The Bridge Scene

Spiderman: No Way Home is finally here to the home audience, and a new video gives us a quick look at the Green Goblin’s introduction to the movie. In December, Spiderman: No Way Home broke box office records and was a big hit with both fans and critics. In the last film in Tom Holland’s Homecoming trilogy, Peter asks Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, to make the world forget that he’s Spiderman. This accidentally opens up the multiverse, bringing in Spiderman’s foes from different universes.

A long time has passed since Spiderman: No Way Home came out. Rumors about what the movie might bring to the table started right away when both Electro and Doc Ock were confirmed to be back in the movie. The first trailer didn’t seem to be revealing much at all.  A few months later, there was the second trailer. Even that wasn’t enough to make people happy. For many people, it looked like there was one scene that was used a lot in the project’s marketing: the Bridge. There were jokes on the internet about how much time would be dedicated to showing Doc being killed again.

As it turns out, this wasn’t and never was going to be the case. If you want to see more of that scene, you might want to check out some behind-the-scenes footage from No Way Home. If you want to see more of the Green Goblin, you might want to check out some of that footage. It’s been a while since we saw this pre-viz for the fight on the bridge with Doc Ock and Green Goblin.

Kelly Port, the Visual Effects Supervisor for Spiderman: No Way Home, shared it with Vanity Fair.

Kelly Port – VFX Supervisor for Spiderman: No Way Home

There are people who don’t know what Previsualization is called. It’s a rough animation of an action sequence that is made before the filming takes place. This makes it easier to plan the scene, block the stunts, and get everything where it needs to be for the final product.

Breaking Down The Pre-Vis

Watch the pre-vis while you read this:

It starts right before Spiderman is taken away by Dr. Strange. When Spidey doesn’t want to leave the fight, this time he dodges the Goblin and fires his web-shooters at his glider. He doesn’t do very well without his metal platform.

Goblin is seen approaching towards Spiderman.
Spiderman uses his web to catch hold of Goblin’s Hoverboard.
Goblin springs off the hover as he’s being pulled off by Spiderman

In a hurry, the Green Goblin has to decide what path he’ll take. Norman runs right through the metal signs above the highway. That glider that Spiderman pulled out from under Goblin is then thrown into an Otto who didn’t expect it. Otto, who may have been more hostile at this point in the sequence in this cut of the movie. Green Goblin is lying face-first on the concrete with his mask smashed. This is most likely how his helmet would have been damaged, which led to his new look.

Goblin crashes into a traffic board on the bridge
The Hover crashes onto Otto
A fair shot of Otto being hit by Goblin’s Hover
Otto crashes onto the ground

Getting rid of this scene, or just changing the scene, was the right thing to do. Maybe it would have been cool if Spiderman had to fight both Doc Ock and the green ghoul at the same time. However, to have Norman show up and crash into highway signs and concrete right away would have been a very underwhelming way to start.

Goblin crashes onto the ground

People see a quick glimpse of the Green Goblin on his glider in the last movie when he blows up some cars with pumpkin bombs. Peter is then taken away through one of Doctor Strange’s portals by the character. Port says:

At first, “we weren’t sure if we should put him in at the start and make him a big part of the action and the fight,”

Previs Helps The Studio Budgets

Previsualization is a good thing, because it lets movie director Jon Watts and the rest of the creative team get a sense of how a scene will look and how it will fit into the rest of the movie without having to spend a lot of money on digital effects. Port says that in the end, they decided to go with the big reveal at the end of the sequence instead of the small reveal.

The Peter-Flash scene was all Blue-Screen than practical
The Peter-Flash scene was all Blue-Screen than practical

Since the three-way fight would have been great for the movie, it makes sense that it was cut. Spiderman and Doc Ock fight only once in the whole movie, because the Green Goblin’s introduction is short. This fight is fun because it is the only real fight the two of them have. With so many characters to keep track of, it’s not surprising that the sequence was cut. Fortunately, Spiderman gets to fight Green Goblin twice more later in the movie.

Doc Ock’s VFX Moduling for the movie
Goblin’s VFX Moduling for the Movie

Also, he wouldn’t have been as intimidating or scary as he needed to be for the plot to work. People are very afraid of Goblin Green, to say the least, in the finished game. Many fans want more action in almost every case, but sometimes less is better. In this case, the sentiment is right on the money. People hope that lots of deleted content and behind-the-scenes footage will keep coming out so that people can see even more of what could have been.

Spiderman: No Way Home is now out on Digital across all digital services. The movie will premiere on Physical Media on April 12 in Blu-Ray and 4K UHD.