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Stan Lee Easter Egg Revealed In NWH You Probably Missed

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 27,2022

What could this Stan Lee Easter egg be? While still in theaters, NWH, the final MCU film of 2021, is on its way towards becoming the cinematic event of the century. As with all Marvel films, No Way Home has numerous homages and Easter eggs. These Easter eggs were fun to find. This is so even though the main focus of the story was on the heroes and villains from previous films.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, these hidden gems add a new layer of enjoyment to the threequel’s overall viewing experience. Early on fans noticed a tribute to Stan Lee, one of Spidey’s creators and the man who has helped shape the Marvel Universe. When NWH concluded Lee’s trilogy, this wasn’t the only time the film paid homage to him.

A Stan Lee Look-Alike In NWH

Stan Lee

Stan Lee

According to a report from Deadline, there is a character in NWH who is supposed to look like the late Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures icon Stan Lee.


On page 177, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker prepares to reunite with MJ and help her remember their time together in the final scene of the film. A Stan Lee (Easter Egg) look-alike is confirmed in the screenplay when he sees his ex-girlfriend and an older customer.



“Peter finds MJ, talking and laughing with an older customer, a STAN LEE LOOK-ALIKE.”

The following is a snippet of the entire page of text:


A Mention Of Stan-Lee in the Script

Spider-Man 3 Honors Stan Lee In A Special Way

Spiderman And Stan Lee

Spiderman And Stan Lee

It’s hard to imagine a Marvel brand without Stan Lee. After all, it was Lee who helped create and develop scores of characters essential to the MCU’s on-screen operation. For his many cameo roles in the MCU, he is also regarded as a master of the genre. In other words, he has appeared in every film from Iron Man in 2008 to Avengers: Infinity War this year.

Since Lee’s death in 2018, he has continued to be a part of Marvel’s projects. This is done through various images and other tributes. These include a license plate with his birthday in WandaVision; a picture of him in a magazine in Venom: Let There Be Carnage and even a memorial to his memory in the forthcoming The Mutants project.

NWH continued the trend by making frequent allusions to Stan Lee. To begin with, Lee’s birthday was masked as the license plate number of a taxi. In the final moments of the film, we see an impersonator who looks just like the original actor. ‘Far From Home’ made sure to give him the proper recognition he deserves.

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