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Stan Lee Had This Unusual Habit, According To A Marvel Writer

By Prathamesh Athavale
January 29,2022

It is undeniable that The Marvel Man Stan Lee’s popularity was not just because of his work, but his personality as well. There were many dimensions to Stan that left a mark on everyone. Everyone has cherished memories of Lee, whether sweet or bitter. Recently, Gerry Conway has shared a bit from Stan Lee’s life, which would be wild if true.

 Most casual comic-book fans are familiar with Stan Lee’s characters, but few with his entrepreneurial side. This part of him is as influential as the comic legacy he created. Lee really built the Marvel brand from scratch. Chiefly, with his iconic ‘Stan’s Soap Box’ editorials, which he penned at the end of the comics. ‘True believer’ and Stan Lee‘s catchphrase, ‘Excelsior’, were some phrases Lee cemented in the minds of Marvel fans. This made his larger-than-life image in their eyes.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee

It’s no wonder Lee would put a great deal of effort into maintaining his appearance. This may be because he worked so hard as Marvel’s brand ambassador. However, if Gerry Conway’s story is true, Lee may have gone a little too far.

Stan Lee owned a vast collection of toupees, as Conway revealed in a tweet. Lee wore them in an order to give the appearance that his hair was still developing. He told a fan about how hard it must have been to keep that toupee groomed; that Stan Lee hired his ex-partner Carla Joseph as a secretary, and that she had to make sure Lee wore the right toupee—on the right day—at the right time.

It’s difficult to speculate whether this story is true, but it fits well with Lee’s persona, so there is no reason to doubt it. The image of Lee trying to make his coworkers believe he still had a full head of hair is hilarious.

Stand Lee and J. Jonah Jameson

Stan Lee and J. Jonah Jameson

The author once admitted that he made J. Jonah Jameson a caricature of him, but just a little grumpier. So these toupee shenanigans truly sound like Lee’s style. A sly mention of Lee’s toupee habits can be found in Jack Kirby’s Mister Miracle. Kirby created an almost completely bald character named Funky Flashman, who needed a toupee and a false beard to disguise his appearance.

It’s hard not to think that Stan Lee went a little overboard with keeping up appearances for Marvel Comics. It’s amazing how Marvel Comics has grown into the global powerhouse it is today, because of Stan Lee’s antics.


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