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6 Actresses Who Can Play Mara Jade Perfectly In Star Wars

By Ishita Chatterjee
June 7,2021

Mara Jade is a character that everyone wants to see in live-action. She was first introduced in the Thrawn trilogy written by Timothy Zahn. Mara was an extraordinarily elite assassin who worked for the Emperor. In fact, she was famous for being the Hand of the Emperor. 

Her last order was to murder Luke Skywalker and she was set on fulfilling it after Emperor Palpatine was murdered during the Battle of Endor. However, things didn’t quite go as planned since she fell for the Skywalker protagonist instead. 

Right now we don’t know whether she will be assigned a separate backstory or show up as Zahn’s iteration. However, it’s plausible that she will have some sort of Luke Skywalker connection at the very least. 

Mara Jade

Now we don’t know how the character will come about or be portrayed in the Star Wars live-action universe. But we do some ideas about which actresses we would like to see in the role. So let us tell you about them: 

1. Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt

As per Zahn’s books, Mara Jade was raised on Coruscant under the tutelage of Emperor Palpatine. Everything about her- from her temperament, disposition, personality, and more got molded by him. Due to this, she possessed an aristocratic air. 

So we feel like Emily Blunt who has experience playing elite characters in movies like The Jane Austen Book Club and The Devil Wears Prada would be a good fit. Also, Emily has been in action movies too, most notably Edge of Tomorrow and the upcoming Jungle Cruise. So she can handle the action part well too. 

2. Rose Leslie

Rose Leslie

Rose Leslie

Most of us know Rose Leslie as Ygritte from Game of Thrones. In the critically acclaimed HBO show, she was first the enemy and then the lover of Jon Snow. Both of them worked together to live beyond The Wall. This character journey does parallel Mara’s relationship with Luke when she had to go on multiple daring missions with him and was forced to acknowledge her feelings for him. 

Thankfully those feelings were mutual. Also, since Rose Leslie played Ygritte so perfectly so it does make sense that she will be able to bring the fiery Mara Jade to life as well. 

While she is prominently known for Game of Thrones, but Rose Leslie has appeared in other shows as well, like The Good Fight, The Last Witch Hunter, as well as Downtown Abbey. So it’s almost a guarantee that she would take the role seriously while also having fun with it. 

3. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

When Margot Robbie arrived in Hollywood, she was mostly known for playing bimbo or vapid blonde characters all thanks to The Wolf Of Wall Street. But gradually she began breaking out of that mold and playing all sorts of characters. 

She is currently most famous for playing Harley Quinn in the DCEU. The thing which separates her from others is that she can disappear completely into characters. This is also why her star is steadily rising in Hollywood. 

Since she has played physically demanding roles in movies like Mary Queen of Scots, Birds of Prey, and I, Tonya; so she can embody Mara Jade perfectly. Also, we need to add that her beauty would surely make our Tatooine farmer blush red. 

4. Hannah John-Kamen

Hannah John-Kamen

Hannah John-Kamen

Hannah John-Kamen is another actress in this list who has roots in Game of Thrones. But that’s not the only thing she is known for. The versatile actress has performed in Ant-Man and the Wasp and is all set to star in the upcoming epic Red Sonja

Along with this, she has also notably played a secretive but sharp-tongued character in The Stranger miniseries. Looking at the list of movies and shows under her belt, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that she loves embodying complicated anti-heroes.

Also, she very clearly loves the fantasy and sci-fi genre. As such, we don’t have any questions regarding her acting talents or whether she would play the role or not. As for looking the part, the talented English actress comes from a Dutch-Nigerian parentage which gives her a uniquely beautiful look. 

In Zahn’s books, it is mentioned that Mara Jade possessed a striking look that set her apart from others. Due to this, she was able to mix with the people of the Republic and the Empire alike. So we think that this is another tick in the checkbox for Hannah John-Kamen. 

5. Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

Chastain is a household name and everyone knows about her acting prowess. The actress has appeared in prestigious movies like Interstellar and The Help. 

Now, depending on the time period that Mara Jade gets introduced in (like whether she gets introduced during the Thrawn books period or closer to that of the Disney Sequel Trilogy), it would be beneficial to have an actress who is in the age range of Jessica Chastain. 

Also, Chastain is familiar with action roles and can handle firearms as well as carry out exciting stunts. So she can pull off the action scenes flawlessly. 

6. Brie Larson

Brie Larson

Brie Larson

We cannot complete this post without talking about the person who is always rumoured or fan casted for this role. Brie Larson has awards for her acting talents courtesy of her role in The Room which won her an Oscar. 

Also, she has experience being in a big franchise. After all, she is MCU’s, Captain Marvel. So she can definitely be an excellent Mara Jade. We also need to mention that she is a huge Star Wars fan as well. So she will be just perfect for the role from all areas. 

But will we ever get to see Mara Jade in live-action? There has only been rumours and no official confirmation till now. But it does seem like it is only a matter of time till she graces our screen. After that, we can only hope that the bigwigs cast a fantastic actress for the part. They are welcome to use this list as well. 

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