Star Wars' Controversial Revelation: Ysalamiri Holds The Key To Force Cloning
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Star Wars’ Controversial Revelation: Ysalamiri Holds The Key To Force Cloning

Delve Into The Controversy Surrounding Star Wars’ Hidden Revelation: The Pivotal Role Of Ysalamiri In Force Cloning.

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 27,2023

Star Wars has subtly introduced the concept of Force Cloning in previous stories, hinting at its continued presence in future narratives. Interestingly, the perfect explanation for this phenomenon was discreetly set up as far back as 2017.

Force Cloning And Its Connection To Palpatine’s Return

Palpatine on Exegol

Palpatine on Exegol

The return of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker showcased the concept of cloning, and recent Star Wars TV shows have delved into Imperial cloning projects. The Mandalorian season 3 finale even confirmed that Moff Gideon sought to use Grogu’s blood for creating Force-sensitive clones, a feat proven possible by Palpatine. However, for Star Wars to explore Force Cloning further, a reasonable explanation must be provided.

The Lack Of Cloning Details In Star Wars



Cloning has been a prominent theme in the Star Wars franchise, but it has rarely been explored in depth. The exact mechanics behind Palpatine’s survival and Force Cloning were only partially addressed in The Rise of Skywalker’s novelization. While Episode I – The Phantom Menace introduced the idea of Midi-chlorians and the biological aspect of the Force, the mystical and unquantifiable nature of the energy field makes it challenging to replicate scientifically. Force Cloning involves numerous variables, making it a complex process that requires explanation.

Ysalamiri’s Role In Cloning Force-Sensitives


In Star Wars Legends, the key to successful Force Cloning was the presence of Ysalamiri, which could also play a crucial role in the current canon. Native to the planet Myrkr, these creatures evolved to repel the Force and created Force-neutral bubbles where Force users had no influence. Grand Admiral Thrawn utilized this ability to protect himself against the Jedi clone Joruus C’Baoth. While Ysalamiri didn’t eliminate the Force, they temporarily limited its impact, making them vital for creating Force-sensitive clones.

Rapidly growing clones, especially those with Force sensitivity, posed risks due to the influence of the Force on the mind. Kaminoans faced challenges in successfully growing Force-sensitive clones, as seen in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II’s attempt to clone Starkiller. By incorporating Ysalamiri in his Mount Tantiss cloning facility, Thrawn could prevent madness and expedite army growth within a year. C’Baoth even created a Force-sensitive clone named Luuke Skywalker using Luke’s lost hand from The Empire Strikes Back.

Hints Of Ysalamiri In Star Wars Rebels

Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels

Though the Ysalamiri’s ability to repel the Force hasn’t appeared in current canon, their presence was subtly established in Star Wars Rebels. Thrawn’s office showcased sculptures of Ysalamiri, a direct nod to Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy. While these sculptures may serve as Easter eggs and highlight Thrawn’s appreciation for art, there is potential for Ysalamiri to appear in future Star Wars projects such as the Ahsoka TV show. Thrawn might have discovered the Ysalamiri on Myrkr, similar to the Legends storyline, and employ them for cloning purposes.

The Feasibility Of Ysalamiri In Canon


Although Rebels co-creator Dave Filoni expressed reservations about the Ysalamiri conflicting with George Lucas’ view of the Force, their appearance is not entirely impossible. Their abilities could be modified, or a new species may be introduced as the canon equivalent. Only time will reveal if Ysalamiri will make a return to the Star Wars universe, but currently, they offer the most compelling explanation for Force Cloning within the franchise.

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