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Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Revealed That She Understands The Rey Palpatine Backlash

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker or TROS was a controversial movie to put it lightly. One of the things which made the movie so divisive was the fact that Rey turned out to be Palatine’s granddaughter.

This entire thing came out of the left field for many since The Force Awakens mentioned that Rey, the Jakku roaming scavenger wasn’t connected to another familiar character. Then the next movie, The Last Jedi confirmed that Rey was her own person and that her background didn’t matter. However this messaging got retconned in TROS.

This twist disappointed many because the previous messaging implied that anyone could be a force user. But this new TROS message said that you could only be a force user if you were somehow related to the original Star Wars movie characters.

If you too were disappointed by this unnecessary twist then you can find comfort in the fact that Daisy Ridley understands you.

Daisy Ridley Gets Why People Were Disappointed In The TROS Rey Twist

Writer Sariah Wilson got the chance to interview the Star Wars actress for her upcoming movie Chaos Walking where she starts with Tom Holland. In the interview, Wilson couldn’t help but slip in some Star Wars questions.

She mentioned that people were upset with the entire Palpatine development. Ridley echoed the same sentiment and implied that she herself had similar feelings about the entire thing fiasco.

Ridley said that previously Rey was going to be a nobody so she understands where fans are coming from. Here’s the full quote by Daisy Ridley:

“I literally was told that she was no one, so yeah, I totally understand that”.

The interviewer clarified that the actress means that Rey was going to be a nobody or no one when they were making the initial two movies of the Sequel Star Wars Trilogy.

The Sequel Trilogy Cast Doesn’t Really Agree With A Lot Of The Creative Decisions

The entire Sequel Trilogy movies have been controversial with fans and even with the cast members themselves. Everyone knows how John Boyega blasted the production company for fully sidelining Finn after the first movie. However, he wasn’t the only cast member.

Oscar Issac blamed the house of mouse for not committing to Finn and Poe’s potential relationship. While the star of the Sequel Trilogy, Daisy Ridley didn’t really tear into Disney but her comments here do suggest that at the very least she wasn’t happy with her character arc.


In the end, fans and cast members both know that at least in terms of plot, Lucasfilm really faltered. As for now, the company is looking to move forward with new Disney+ projects and not movies. Now, if the success of The Mandalorian is any indication, that plan seems to be working well for them. As for the actors, they too have moved forward with new projects.

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