Star Wars: Disney+'s The Acolyte Has Been Delayed
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Star Wars: Disney+’s The Acolyte Has Been Delayed

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 5,2021

Within two months, The Book of Boba Fett is going to arrive on Disney+. On December 29, Star Wars fans are going to get live-action content once again. But more importantly, they will be able to see Boba Fett’s story.

Also, as per rumors, the show is pretty much going to be The Mandalorian 2.0. But that’s not all. Once The Book of Boba Fett concludes, there will be more Star Wars shows in 2022. And the sheer number of them will exceed anyone’s expectations.

All The Upcoming Star Wars Disney+ Shows In 2022

Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi And Mandalorian

Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi And Mandalorian

Speculation is rife that the Obi-Wan Kenobi show will be going for a May release. The highly anticipated show might release on Star Wars day. After all, it is the perfect day for Ewan McGregor’s Jedi Master’s return.

Star Wars: Andor will have a 12-episode season. It will air at some point in the year, but the exact date remains unknown. Now that we have talked about anticipated first seasons, it’s time to note that the second season of the animated series The Bad Batch is coming in 2022 as well.

Thankfully, that’s not the only animated show that will grace people’s screens this year. Lucasfilm Animation and ILM’s joint project, titled A Droid Story, will also release next year.

We are also hoping that season 3 of The Mandalorian will release next year as well. After all, shooting has already begun, and it seems to be an incomplete swing, judging by the leaks set pics. So if all goes well, we will get to see Din Djarin again on our screens soon.

But that’s just the shows we will get to see on Disney+. More Star Wars will be starting production in 2022 to keep the ball rolling into 2023 and beyond.

Ashoka And Mandalorian

Ashoka And Mandalorian

Right now, the Mandalorian season 3 will be wrapping up soon, probably in the early months of 2022, and rumors are flying high about the show. For one, fans speculate that Ahsoka might show up in The Mandalorian season 3 before her solo performance.

This rumor comes from the fact that she is ready to start production on a Star Wars show this December. Also, later into 2022, Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron movie is expected to begin filming.

But there’s a show which hasn’t drawn much attention to itself. And that’s Leslye Headland’s The Acolyte. The reason for low anticipation regarding the show is simply because it is disconnected from the other shows.

After all, most of the others are taking place in the same timeline. However, the show in itself seems solid. Previous interviews with Headland have revealed a refreshing and intriguing premise.

The show is going to follow a young dark side user. Early reports said that the show could start filming in February of 2022. But new rumors suggest that the show might be starting production later.

The Acolyte Delayed Till Summer 2022

Star Wars: The Acolyte

Star Wars: The Acolyte

The Illuminerdi reports that Leslye Headland’s The Acolyte Disney+ show production has been delayed to Summer 2022. So it won’t be starting production in February, as was previously reported.

The outlet also shared that the working title for the show will be ‘Paradox.’ They have also reported that the lead is going to be a woman of color known as “Aura.” She is going to be in her late teens to early twenties. Note that the Aura name might be a code. If this report is accurate, then this delay will set back The Acolyte’s production for months.

However, it’s not entirely unexpected. Leslye Headland had previously said that she was still mapping out the show and writing episodes for it. By now, at least the writing must be finished, and the casting should be underway.

Everything points to the fact that the show is on schedule. However, since season 3 of The Mandalorian is still filming and Ashoka is set to film next, adding The Acolyte on top might be too much to handle within the timeframe.

Also, there are only a limited number of spaces that allow for Volume Tech and such. So, the production of a show needs to be handled carefully. Not to mention that Lando and Rogue Squadron might start filming in summer too.

Another factor is that The Acolyte might be filming in London and not LA, where many new shows are being produced. Know that the only other Star Wars media to film overseas has been Andor.

So the delay might result from trying to find a window where the two shows’ productions won’t clash and overlap. After all, the thrilling Rebel spy show is slated to have multiple seasons.

What Does The ‘Aura’ Name Mean?

Rey Skywalker with a yellow lightsaber

Rey Skywalker with a yellow lightsaber

Now, the ‘Paradox’ working title is a production code name for sure. Whether the character will have any significance remains to be seen. However, recent precedent in the franchise does suggest that it won’t have much of an effect on the plot.

This is because the code name for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was Space Bear, but it didn’t involve space bears in any way. Also, The Mandalorian used the production code name of Huckleberry.

As seen in both the productions, none of their code names were referred to even once in the show. However, it’s possible that ‘Aura’ isn’t an overall production code name. Instead, it most probably is a significant character’s code name.



This is similar to how “Uber” was Supreme Leader Snoke’s name while Rey was referred to as “Kira.” So Star Wars projects have always had a powerful sense of secrecy. Now, The Acolyte does take place during the very tail-end of the High Republic era. But it’s doubtful if we will see any known faces appear.

Even though The Acolyte will start production later, but overall it still sounds like a promising addition to the galaxy. This late production date means that we will probably see the show in the Summer or Fall of 2023. We are hoping that we will get some updates during Disney Plus Day on November 12 and during the Star Wars Celebration next May.

However, as we mentioned before, this delay doesn’t mean fans will be starved for Star Wars content. There will be plenty of shows to tide fans over. The Acolyte will begin production in 2022.

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