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Star Wars Fans Have More To Be Excited For Visions Season 2

By Abraham George
May 30,2022

When the first anime project in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: Visions, was launched on Disney+ last year, it broke away from the franchise’s customary look. The series is made up of nine short films that range in length from 13 to 22 minutes and are told in an anthology format, meaning that none of the episodes are connected to one another. Instead of releasing each short on a weekly basis like the other Star Wars and MCU Disney+ projects, Visions published all nine episodes at once.

The show was well-received by critics and fans alike after its premiere. Many people were astonished by how well it did, and the majority of ardent fans indicated an immediate desire for a Season 2. According to previous rumors, a second season is already in the works and could be released as early as Fall 2022. Characters and themes from Season 1 were referenced, and the show’s executive producer, James Waugh, even said that Visions’ characters may cross over into other mediums in the future.

Still from Star Wars Visions episode The Village Bride

The most likely location for an announcement about Season 2 of Star Wars: Visions was always thought to by Star Wars Celebration. A panel was held on the convention’s final day, and fans were rewarded with not only an official announcement of Season 2 but also confirmation that it would feature a greater array of cultures.

Reporter Eric Geller disclosed through Twitter at Star Wars Celebration that Season 2 of the anime series Star Wars: Visions has been officially confirmed and will premiere on Disney+ in Spring 2023.

Season 1 was created by a number of different Japanese animation studios, which meant that each episode had numerous elements from that style of filmmaking. According to reports, Volume 2 of Visions will expand to incorporate cultural influences from various countries across the world, including Spain, Ireland, and India.

Star Wars Visions

Anime is one of the most popular filmmaking genres in today’s culture. Attack on Titan and Berserk have had a significant impact on the entertainment industry; thus it was only a matter of time before the style made its way into a popular American series like Star Wars.

Now that it’s been announced that Season 2 will be produced by studios in different nations, Visions will be able to portray a diverse range of civilizations on a huge scale. This show is a terrific method for other filmmakers, companies, and cultures to gain known by a broader audience because Star Wars is one of the most popular properties in entertainment history, especially now that it is under the Disney banner.

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