Star Wars Fans Might Get This Canon Revan Story From Lucasfilm

Darth Revan is a character who is loved by a lot of Star Wars fans. He was a former Jedi, but he turned to the

By Ishita Chatterjee
July 28,2021
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Darth Revan is a character who is loved by a lot of Star Wars fans. He was a former Jedi, but he turned to the Dark Side, and then became a Sith Lord. The Jedi were able to defeat Revan and cut him from the Force.

This is when the video game that Revan starred in, begins. The players then uncover Revan’s story and decide whether he/she follows Darkness or Light.

It’s this specific aspect of Revan’s character that casts doubt over whether we will ever get a canon Star Wars story with Revan. To a lot of Revan’s fans, the character is closely tied to how they all individually played and experienced the game.

But researching a little deeper about the character, made us realize something. There was no Star Wars comic or book in Legends that ever entirely told the story of Revan’s origins.


It had been hinted at several times and we certainly do know a lot about it from the game. So when we get a Revan story in canon, then it will most probably take place before any of the Revan stories we have gotten till now.

But you might think that this is just the wishful thinking of fans. However, there is one thing in Revan’s story that makes us think that Lucasfilm might tell his story soon. This is because the other side of Revan’s origin story is chock full of Mandalorians.

The Revan Story We Might Get To See

Darth Revan
Darth Revan

The original expanded universe of Star Wars was a huge endeavor. Various storytellers wove fascinating stories in the fabric of Star Wars history, thus, enriching it. As a result, there are hundreds of stories featuring a tonne of characters.

But none of the stories that were told before the Mandalorian Wars are about Revan and his right-hand man Malak. Instead, these character’s often just pass through the story being told. Essentially, these are just Easter eggs for the KOTOR fans. But when it’s all taken in aggregate, then these wars get a much more enhanced shape.

The good part is that none of these actually matter in the modern Star Wars canon. And neither does any Revan story that they wanted to tell. Also, we need to say that they won’t be able to tell a Revan story that will satisfy all of the fans of the character.

But there’s also no way of knowing what will make most people favorably receive it. To make things more difficult, the canon lore of The Mandalorian is way different from what was in the old expanded universe. Now, Lucasfilm has the license to charge the story that fans have known till now.

But there is a way to begin Revan’s story- and that is from the beginning. So we will be meeting Revan before his fall. And as such, the character would pretty much be a blank slate. It would also put his story quite firmly before Revan takes all the character-changing decisions that individual players have made in the game.

So by the time the story reaches the point where the character is a version of the one fans are familiar with, the fans would be sold enough on the character. As such, then the writers can keep on taking risks.

Should Revan’s Story Not Be Told At All?

Darth Raven
Darth Raven

Till now, Lucasfilm’s strategy regarding Revan has been non-committal. The in-canon references have been vague and have only referenced his Sith status. But honestly, this is a great way to portray his character.

This is because it essentially acknowledges the fact that the character existed in the Star Wars canon universe. Also, doing this would free them from the task of defining him.

As such, this will allow the version of Revan that people love to live on unmarred in their imaginations.

Why Revan’s Story Deserves To Be Told

Darth Revan
Darth Revan

In the larger scheme of things, Star Wars focuses on giving redemption to those who want it. And there’s no redemption arc that’s more complete than Revan’s.

He is one who goes to the Darkness but then is able to come out of it to become a Jedi again. So, it does make sense that Lucasfilm will want to tell Revan’s story fully. And in going so, it is the Old Republic era that they might focus on because that’s full of possibility.

Nonetheless, the ideal thing to do would be to take the basic parts of the character and story to build a whole new character and story all around it. After all, the modern Star Wars era has taught us that reviving the characters and stories of the past isn’t easy and, in fact, is quite difficult to get right.

How To Write Revan’s Story?

Darth Revan
Darth Revan

Also, just like keeping an eye on the past is important, so is keeping an eye on the future. After all, if Star Wars continues past this current generation of fans, then the makers need to start telling exciting, new, and surprising stories.

In a way, this will be freeing for the makers as well since these new characters won’t have to live up to the impossible expectations of legacy characters.

Now, the themes present in Revan’s story are there in Star Wars as a whole. So what the writers need to pen is a simply Star Wars story that’s full of redemption. They don’t need to necessarily bog down the story with the expectations of possibly thousands of Revan fans. Not to mention the fact that it might not be possible to satisfy every fan.

If we do get Darth Revan’s story, it will possibly be regarding his origins. We do think that they won’t introduce a fully formed and defined Revan. After all, the fun part is always watching the journey. Also, his origin is the one thing that hasn’t been told in full and it’s also the thing that fans want.

As such, an origin story will give the character and writers a blank slate to move forward with. Also, it will satisfy the old fans as well. Not to mention the fact that this will make the story more accessible to the new ones. So it’s a win-win situation for all.

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