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Star Wars Is All Set Up For Darth Maul’s Next Return

By Akshay Sharma
June 2,2021

Darth Maul who was almost killed in 1999’s STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM  MENACE, Episode 1, by Obi-Wan Kenobi made his return in 2012’s THE CLONE WARS fourth season revealing the mystery that he wasn’t actually dead and was just injured. It was revealed that after a decade from the attack, his brother Savage Opress had rescued him, taking him back to Mother Talzin. As a result of his injuries he had lost his memories and was driven insane but after being rescued was restored to health and he decided to take revenge.  

The massive fan favourite character can make a return in ‘THE BAD BATCH’ and this can be predicted by its episode 5, “Rampage” where some hints are sprinkled by the team. In episode 5  (Rampage) of THE BAD BATCH, it was seen that the bad batch learned that someone is after Omega,  and had sent a skilful bounty hunter, Fennec Shand after the little clone.

darth maul

So, they moved to the planet Ord Mantell to seek help from Cid, and to dig up some information about the bounty hunter and why is she after Omega and in exchange for that they will be working as mercenaries. Ord Mantell is most known for being a base for the black sun crime organization’s operation which in turn is also part of Maul’s Shadow Collective formed in the middle of the clone war. In SOLO: A STAR WARS story, it would later be known as Crimson Dawn.  

Crimson Dawn

In the final episode of the Clone Wars we have seen that Maul escaped from Ahsoka’s custody and also commanded the leaders of the syndicate to hide. The Crimson Dawn and Darth Maul have been created in The Clone Wars and they also appeared in the Solo but their leverage couldn’t be determined, but Bad Batch may now be the ultimate opportunity for them to accomplish the spotlight of the audience. It can now be predicted that, as the Bad Batch are becoming Mercenaries it seems that they may be going up against Darth Maul soon

Darth Maul

Darth Maul

By Maul’s appearance in STAR WARS REBEL, it can be seen that the Crimson Dawn has declined or can be assumed that it is no longer controlled by Maul. This would be an acute time to see what  Maul has been up to with criminal empire’s rise taking into consideration his fierce hatred for Palpatine.  

Darth maul

Now, from considering Maul’s escape from captain Rex and Tano it can be more specific that he can appear in The Bad Batch. Also, with Clone 99’s move to Ord Mantell and clash with Black Sun, it can be said that Dave Filoni has already set the stage for his comeback, it would be really fascinating and interesting to see The Bad Batch addressing a crime story. So it can be said that this is the ideal reappearance the fans are eagerly waiting for and to address this the fans have to stay tuned.

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