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Star Wars Maestro Dave Filoni Teases Ashoka’s Future In The Franchise

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 14,2022

The Mandalorian’s success has given rise to the other Disney+ Star Wars shows. Also, The Mandalorian’s season 2 plot is driving the plot of the MandoVerse in a major way.

After all, we recently saw it in The Book of Boba Fett when the show brought back multiple characters for cameos and extended appearances. One of them was Ahsoka Tano.

Her appearance was probably one of the most surprising since no one expected to see her, and that too at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy.

Ashoka’s Journey In The Star Wars Universe

Ahsoka, Thrawn And Ezra Bridger

Ahsoka, Thrawn And Ezra Bridger

Ahsoka was first introduced in 2008 in The Clone Wars movie and animated show.

Over time, she became a beloved character as Star Wars fans watched her go from Anakin’s padawan to a powerful warrior who was able to survive an encounter with Darth Vader.

Finally, she made her live-action debut in The Mandalorian Season 2 “Chapter 13 – The Jedi.” Rosario Dawson plays the character.

Now, Chapter 13 was directed and written by Dave Filoni, and he brought the Togruta into the episode right from the get-go.

In that episode, she communicated with Mando’s little companion and revealed to him as well as the audience that his actual name was Grogu.

Din wanted Ahsoka to train Grogu. But she refused since she was still affected by how Anakin had been seduced by the Dark Side.

However, we got to know in the final moments of the episode, during the lightsaber fight with the Magistrate, that Ahsoka was on the hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Many thought that Grogu’s fate would ultimately be tied to Ashoka’s. But that didn’t happen since Luke Skywalker returned at the end of season 2 and took Grogu for training.

So even though she guided others in the story, she has her own path to follow. And this journey is something Dave Filoni has been planning for a bit.

Dave Filoni Talks About Ahsoka

Dave Filoni

Dave Filoni

In The Art of The Mandalorian: Season 2, executive producer Dave Filoni shared that there were multiple extensive discussions regarding who would be taking Grogu and training him to follow the ways of the Jedi. Here’s what he said:

“There were a lot of debates about [Ahsoka Tano pointing the way to Luke Skywalker]. And Jon and I went back and forth, because if [Ahsoka can’t take Grogu], then who will?”

The director and writer said that teaching Grogu wasn’t Ahsoka’s destiny. This hints at the fact that he had something else in mind. Here’s what he said:

“Taking care of the Child is not her destiny. That’s not what I’ve been planning for her to do [laughs], so I can’t change it up.”

In the season 2 episode that she appears in, titled “The Jedi,” Ashoka’s role is to ensure that Din knows that Grogu has his own agency. Filoni says:

“But it is interesting if Ahsoka’s there along the way, not as somebody who takes this burden away from Mando but as somebody to say, ‘You might be forgetting that this kid has a choice too. It’s not just about you and your oath to your covert.'”

What Is Ashoka’s Destiny?

Luke Skywalker And Ahsoka

Luke Skywalker And Ahsoka

After “Chapter 13 – The Jedi” premiered, Filoni compared Ahsoka’s role to that of Gandalf from The Lord of The Rings- a wandering soul giving wisdom to those she meets.

However, now we know that the previous Jedi had a clear purpose beyond that of working as a guide. In the episode, there’s a lot of build-up to Ahsoka’s solo series that’s set to start shooting in April.

When we last saw Ahsoka during her cameo in The Book of Boba Fett, she hadn’t yet gone on her journey to find Ezra Bridger and Thrawn. Her interaction with Luke Skywalker indicated that there was a history between them.

And after encouraging him, the Togruta left the temple, probably to look for Ezra. Right now, Ahsoka’s plot is being kept under wraps a lot.

But we do know that Hayden Christensen is returning as Anakin/Darth Vader. So it’s possible that a major part of the plot will be her making peace with her old master.

Along with this, it’s been reported that Thrawn is going to be the main villain of the show. However, there will be other villains to fight for sure.

Over time, maybe in her own show, she will meet Din and Luke again. And this will steer her towards her great purpose in the Star Wars universe. But for now, we don’t know what her destiny is.

But it’s surely going to be worth watching, since Filoni has been crafting it for a long time.

Ahsoka will debut in 2023 on Disney+.

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