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Star Wars Movies Incoming! Lucasfilm Has Reportedly Planned A Slate Of Movies Till 2027

New reports state that the Star Wars theatrical drought will be over soon as Lucasfilm has planned a full slate for 5 years

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 25,2022

For over the past 5 years not a single Star Wars film has released in theaters. As such fans are growing impatient. There have been numerous announcements about various Star Wars movies being in development from stalwart directors. But nothing has materialized till now. However, if recent reports are to be believed then that’s going to soon change as Lucasfilm has plans for the galaxy far far away till 2027.

Lucasfilm Brings A Slate Full Of Star Wars Movies Till 2027

Star Wars A New Hope

Star Wars A New Hope

The lack of Star Wars movies on the big screen after the end of the Sequel Trilogy and Solo was disappointing for many. For long the rumour was that Kathleen Kennedy was responsible for this halt because she was being overly cautious about what got released. This was reportedly due to the divisive reception of the Sequel Trilogy.

However, latest rumours have stated that it was ex-Disney CEO Bob Chapek who put a stop to the Star Wars films. Many theorized that this decision was taken to funnel more Star Wars content to Disney+. And it must be said that till now, all the shows have been stellar. However, no matter how good these shows are, they can’t match the experience of watching Star Wars on the big screen.

If you too feel the same, then you are going to be ecstatic about the reports that are currently circulating. As per Jeff Sneider, Lucasfilm has apparently planned out Star Wars movies till 2027. He said:

“I think there’s a lot of stuff coming down the pipe on the features side at Lucasfilm to be excited about… But specifically on the Star Wars side, I think it was a conscious decision to pivot to television for a while and really establish Disney+ and tell some different stories. But I think that… fans have to be patient obviously, because we’re not gonna see any of this stuff until 2025. But like, from what I understand, Kathleen has the next five years planned out. They have their [20]26 and 2027 slates. We just don’t know what they are yet.”

Kathleen Kennedy’s Rumoured Departure From Lucasfilm

Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy

If the above report is true, then we will finally get to see Star Wars on the big screen again within five years. However, apart from this news, another thing in the quote caught our eye. Sneider says that “Kathleen has the next five years planned out”. This seems to contradict other reports that state Kennedy is departing Lucasfilm soon.

And this makes us ask that if Kennedy was indeed exiting the company, why would she plan out the next five years? After all, it’s quite possible that the next Lucasfilm President would just scrap it and start over. As such, the rumours about Kennedy’s departure don’t seem to hold weight. Also, such reports have been floating around for the better part of 5 years, and she’s still here.

However, what makes us disbelieve such reports even more is that now Bob Iger is back as Disney’s CEO in a surprise return. As such, his aim will surely be to steady the ship rather than fire company heads and look for new talent in these tumultuous times.

But what do you think about the Kennedy drama and Star Wars plans? Tell us below.