Star Wars: New Fanart Shows Sith Yoda Wielding Five Lightsabers 

New Star Wars fanart has arrived, and Yoda looks badass once again. But as a Sith leader, this time wielding five lightsabers with the Force.

By Ishita Chatterjee
December 25,2021
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New Star Wars fanart has arrived, and Yoda looks badass once again. But as a Sith leader, this time wielding five lightsabers with the Force.

The art is courtesy of professional comics artist Sebastián Píriz, and it attempts to redesign Star Wars’ most recognizable mentor and hero yet. This time Yoda is a follower of the dark side. And this art completely transforms Star Wars’ lore. Yoda was wise and incredibly capable as a master Jedi. He was already respected by the time of the High Republic and lived to see the rise of the Empire as well. Yoda, later on, went on to train future Jedi master Luke Skywalker as a Force Ghost.

Yoda Was A Flawed Hero

master yoda
Master Yoda

Yoda’s wisdom and insights resulted from experiences born out of huge mistakes. Yoda mishandled Anakin Skywalker and lost Count Dooku, his apprentice, to the dark side.

Also, his influence changed the Jedi Order and its view of the Force. This left the Order like a sitting duck ready for killing. Yoda suffered both triumphs and failures in his life. But this new art by Sebastián Píriz imagines Yoda not as a flawed Jedi but as a terrifying Sith.

Here’s the art:

The art depicts Yoda with jet-black eyes and mottled skin. He is crackling with dark power and is draped in purple robes. In the air, there are five lightsabers, all of which have different colours. Their variety implies that Sith Yoda takes the Jedi sabres from his enemies after their defeat as trophies. The art has two quotes from the franchise.

One is from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back- “Do or do not, there is no try.” And the other is from Revenge of the Sith, which says, “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.” It’s a fun juxtaposition that accuses Yoda of having the same control-oriented and rigid thinking as the Sith. Thus, it offers a prompt for where his transformation into the dark form might have begun.

Sebastián Píriz has created unique character portraits from DC and Marvel’s iconic character stable. Along with this, he has also made portraits of characters from Star Trek and more. He has recently launched We Ride Titans, and he is also the artist behind projects like Black Beacon. Píriz is great at giving existing characters new life through new costumes and more.

Obviously, in the Star Wars universe, it’s fun to imagine the Jedi as Sith and vice versa, and Píriz is doing just that while keeping Yoda’s character elements consistent.

Sith Yoda Is A Concept That Fans Have Always Imagined

Yoda and Palpatine Fighting
Yoda and Palpatine Fighting

We have seen Yoda fight in the High Republic comics and obviously in the Prequel Trilogy. He is tiny, but that allows him to carry out incredible acrobatics with his lightsaber blade. As a result, he is a genuinely deadly opponent. This is why it’s so interesting to see a Sith Yoda go in the other direction by using the Force to wield multiple sabres. It brings the Sith love of power to the forefront while also offering a Yoda entirely different from what we have seen before. The High Republic era has explored Yoda’s backstory and continues so.

As such, Star Wars fans get to see him as a flawed individual and a hero. However, all Star Wars fans must have sometimes wondered what would Yoda look like as a Sith. And finally, Píriz has made their dreams come true.

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