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Star Wars The Bad Batch Latest Episode Baffles Fans

In Episode 15 of The Bad Batch, titled Return to Kamino, we saw Clone Force 99- Echo, Tech, Wrecker, and Hunter along with Omega and Imperial Commander Crosshair back on Kamino. There the Clone Army of the Republic was originally made.

Now, the episode is jam-packed, but there’s one moment in the episode that doesn’t exactly register in the beginning. However, it has potentially big implications regarding Omega’s situation.

This is because, till now, we knew that the female clone had first-generation Jango Fett’s DNA. As such, this made her Boba Fett or Alpha’s younger sister (or as she was called- Omega).

This new information will fundamentally change a lot of things we thought we knew about the bounty hunter’s background. Want to know what shocked fans? Let us tell you below:

New Information About Omega Stuns Fans

In Episode 15 it was confirmed that Omega is aging at a different rate compared to any of the clone troopers we have met in the galaxy far far away.

So you can imagine our surprise when the little girl showed Nala Se’s secret lab and also showed the tanks where The Bad Batch was created. Also, this proves that she remembers about the Clone Force 99 being created.

As a result, she is way older than the others in spite of the fact that she looks way more younger than the others. Till now, we haven’t seen Boba Fett in the series yet. But it does seem likely that we will see both him and Cad Bane in the season finale next week.

However, right now, it’s clear that Omega is aging differently than even Boba did as well, even though they were both clones as part of the same batch.

Fans React To This New Omega Information

The Bad Batch

This new information has amused fans as well confused them. Not to mention the fact that many are slightly sad as well. You can see this for yourself in the tweets below.

Please do note that some of the language used in the tweets could be inappropriate for younger readers.

Nina wrote that:

User Gillian pointed out:

However, there are other fans like user Twi’Lek Enthusiast who are less concerned with Omega’s age and giving more thought to who she will turn out to be. Here’s the tweet:

“So my theory is that I feel like Omega is unknowingly a double agent. Nala Se let tbb & Omega escape Kamino in the 1st ep so her experiments survive & she sent Fennec to keep tabs & such.
There’s also the possibility of Omega having an inhibitor chip. But I’m really sure the last ep is gonna feature Nala Se & reveal what is going on with her. I know we haven’t seen the last of her”

For now, we have to wait till the very last episode of the show to know about what’s going on in Kamino. But it’s definitely going to be interesting, to say the least. Thankfully, fans won’t be left wanting.

Is Omega a big sister to The Bad Batch?

This is because, fortunately, it was recently confirmed that season 2 of The Bad Batch was going to happen. As such, we will have more adventures to enjoy with the rogue elite squad we all love so much.

But what are your thoughts about Omega’s aging rate?

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