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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Trailer Is Action Packed And Full Of Star Wars Cameos

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is one of the most anticipated Star Wars shows. Fans have long been waiting for a trailer and it looks like they have finally got it. The trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch is finally out and it shows some galaxy-spanning action and a lot of cameos. But first, it’s time for a little recap. 

What Is The Bad Batch About?

Bad Batch Star wars

The animated Disney+ series will be following The Bad Batch or Clone Force 99. They are a genetically advanced group of clone troopers who were first introduced during the 7th season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. 

Bad Batch From The Clone War Series

The show is set between the rise and growth of the powerful Galactic Empire and the end of the devastating Clone Wars. In the show, we will see Tech, Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, and Crosshair going on dangerous life-risking missions all over the galaxy as mercenaries. 

Now, this period between A New Hope and Revenge of the Sith is really less explored on screen. So this show should reveal some interesting things about the early days of the Empire. 

The show is all set to premiere its first episode on 4th May. 

What Did We See In The Trailer?

There are high expectations from The Bad Batch since Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels, both got widespread acclaim during their runs. Thankfully, from the trailer, it looks like The Bad Batch will join its predecessors. 

Grand Moff Tarkin In Bad Batch Trailer

The new trailer at first shows the Clone-Force 99 carrying on with some training exercise under Grand Moff Tarkin on Kamino. After that, they leave their post and they are seen to be hiding from the Imperial forces. The trailer is also jam-packed with character cameos and action scenes, so you will be getting your money’s worth with this show. 

Bad Batch Trailer

Also, the trailer hints that it’s Tarkin who is the main villain since he is after The Bad Batch. After all, he considers them to be important assets of the military. 

Bad Batch Fennec Shand

Out of the notable cameos, there’s Fennec Shand, who is voiced even now by Ming-Na Wen. But Shand is way younger here. Also, we spotted Captain Rex in the trailer too. Considering the period the show is set in, we are anticipating more Star Wars characters as well. 

Captain Rex Bad Batch

As for the trailer response, it seemed a little mixed to us since many were doubtful if this group of characters would be able to carry their show. But the trailer as well as the writing does seem strong for now. Also with Filoni at the helm, we aren’t too worried about the show. We are sure that it will be a hit. If you want to know for sure as well then check out The Bad Batch on Disney+ on 4th May.

See the trailer below:

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