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Star Wars: The High Republic Introduces A Villain Scarier Than The Nihil

By Ishita Chatterjee
March 11,2021

Lucasfilm started their publishing initiative by making a firm promise- the comics would be based on the Galactic Republic’s days. After all, it was when the powerful Jedi Order was thriving and powerful. So it makes sense that to combat a powerful order they would need an even more powerful villain and it looks like we got a glimpse at him.

New preview pages are out for the second issue of Star Wars: The High Republic comic book and it has teased a villain who could be even more spine chilling than Nihil. But first, let us do a little recap:

Who Were The Nihil?

Nihil Starwars

Nihil Star Wars

Readers will know that the Nihil were a powerful group of space pirates from the dark-side. They had technological capabilities that were way more superior than that of the strong Republic too.

So, with the help of their technological power, the Nihils killed many good fighters of the powerful Jedi Order during various conflicts. But one of the most severe blows was especially during the fight in the deciding Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi.

But issue 2 of Star Wars: The High Republic has shown that there is someone else who will put even the Nihils to shame.

Who Is This New Villain?

Master Sskeer

Master Sskeer

The official synopsis of Issue 2 says:

“WHO DESTROYED ONE OF THE JEDI’S DEADLIEST ENEMIES? The NIHIL strike! A ship found adrift in space, the crew brutally slaughtered and cargo stolen. What terror awaits the THE JEDI OF STARLIGHT BEACON as they explore the wreck? Newly knighted KEEVE TRENNIS must overcome her insecurity in the face of new teammates, but can she trust her closest ally?”

In the first issue, we saw that Master Sskeer had already locked horns with the Nihil. But the outcome wasn’t fully in his favour as he did lose one arm in that battle. However, as a Trandoshan (reptilian), it’s expected that he will get his arm back.

However, there was something even more intriguing in the issue- it showed that Sskeer was experiencing a sort of PTSD episode while going back to his room. Now, this could be because of the fight with the villains, but then again it could also be as a result of something which he is hiding from the rest.

Now, new previews for issue 2 have shown that he and Keeve Trennis, his padawan, will head off to the spaceship, ready to clear off the pirates. However, as the synopsis says, there could be something even more frightening waiting for them there. So, we are ready to read the issue and discover who is the being that could finish off the fearsome Nihils. Also, we bet that it will be worth the wait.

Source: Screenrant

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