Star Wars Theory: Ahsoka Doesn’t Seem To Be Looking For Thrawn

In The Mandalorian season 2, it was revealed that Ahsoka Tano was looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn. But that might not be true. Instead, she

By Ishita Chatterjee
September 14,2021
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In The Mandalorian season 2, it was revealed that Ahsoka Tano was looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn. But that might not be true. Instead, she might be on the lookout for Ezra Bridger. Ahsoka Tano has existed for long, only as an animated character in Star Wars properties like Star Wars: The Clones Wars and Rebels.

During these appearances, her arc was more fleshed out. In Rebels, she was an anonymous informant of the Rebellion and used the codename Fulcrum. Even though Ashoka wasn’t that well received at first, but over time the character was loved enough to become a fan favorite.

She finally made the jump to live-action in season 2 of the hit Disney+ Star Wars show The Mandalorian. And now she is all set to star in her own live-action Disney+ show. Played by Rosario Dawson, it was said on the show that the Togruta is on a mission to spot the Chiss tactician who first showed up in the Star Wars Rebels animated series.

So let us recap what Ahsoka said in The Mandalorian.

Ahsoka’s Story In The Mandalorian

Ahsoka, Thrawn And Ezra Bridger
Ahsoka, Thrawn And Ezra Bridger


The primary story of the second season of The Mandalorian revolves around Din Djarin and his quest to reunite Grogu or as fans love to call him- Baby Yoda with the Jedi. He gets a tip from Bo-Katan Kryze regarding the location of the Jedi and then the father-son duo travel to Corvus to meet Ahsoka in episode 5 titled The Jedi.

But Ahsoka refuses to take in Grogu. She is afraid that his attachment to Din Djarin would make him susceptible to the Darkness. In the same episode, it’s also revealed that Ahsoka is looking for Grand Admiral Thrawn. Now, Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan didn’t reveal why she was on this hunt.

But it’s possible that she might have a different agenda than just tracking him down. In reality, she could be looking for Ezra.

Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Whereabouts In The Mandalorian

Ashoka and Grand Admiral Thrawn
Ashoka and Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn was an astounding villain from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. He became part of Star Wars Rebels in season 3 of the show. Thrawn was hired by the Empire to deal with the Ghost Crew. After all, they were making it difficult for the Imperials to operate in (as well as around) Lothal.

He was the primary antagonist of the well-received animated show for the whole 4 seasons of its run. Right now, no one knows where he is. However, Dave Filoni, Rebels creator confirmed that he was indeed able to survive the events. This meant that he could show up anytime he was needed.

But till now, fans didn’t know exactly where he could pop up. Now in season 2 of The Mandalorian, the Ahsoka episode confirmed that the former Jedi was indeed tracking the villain down. Initially, Ahsoka’s stint in Corvus seemed to be as simple as freeing the people who were enslaved by the Magistrate.

But once there was a face-off, Ahsoka pressured her opponent into releasing information about the location of her master. But it wasn’t revealed in The Mandalorian if she got the information she needed.

Grand Admiral Thrawn And Ezra Bridger Were Seen Together The Last Time

Ashoka And Ezra Bridger In Star Wars Rebels
Ashoka And Ezra Bridger In Star Wars Rebels

In the finale of Star Wars Rebels, the Ghost Crew stood up against the Empire for the last time. Jedi Knight Ezra Bridger stayed with Thrawn as he took the Chiss strategist’s ship to hyperspace in an attempt to ensure that he won’t be a further threat to Lothal as well as its neighboring planets.

After that, the two haven’t been seen again and their location is one of the most important mysteries from the animated series. During the epilogue of Star Wars Rebels, set years after Ezra and Grand Admiral Thrawn’s disappearance, a Mandalorian Sabine Wren, one of the members of the Ghost Crew joined Ahsoka to search for Ezra Bridger in the Unknown Regions.

Why Ahsoka Might Be Looking For Ezra Bridger?

Ashoka And Ezra Bridger In Rebels World Between Worlds Episode
Ashoka And Ezra Bridger In Rebels World Between Worlds Episode

At the end of the Rebels animated show, Ahsoka and Sabine were originally going to look for Ezra. But no one is sure how much time would have passed since they started their journey. When Ahsoka is shown in Corvus, the duo seems to have parted ways. However, Anakin’s padawan might very well be still on her initial mission.

And as per rumors, she might even reunite with Sabine in her show. But apart from this, it should be noted that even though both of the characters were in the Rebels show, but Thrawn and Ahsoka never met each other onscreen.

So it’s possible that she only knew about the villain from Sabine and the stories she must have told her. As such, she doesn’t have a clear and strong connection to Thrawn. And so, she could be looking for Ezra instead. And since he was last seen with Grand Admiral Thrawn who has notable features given his prominence as well as race.

So it makes sense that she would be following his trail. It should be noted that it wasn’t shown in The Mandalorian how Ahsoka knew that Thrawn was connected to The Magistrate.

But it’s possible that after the defeat of the Empire, the Chiss admiral was busy establishing his army. This is similar to what Moff Gideon was doing. So assuming that this is indeed the case, Ahsoka would be worried for her friend Ezra Bridger’s safety.

As such, even though she isn’t looking for a padawan, but Ahsoka knows that Ezra is a powerful Force user. And after what happened with Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka can’t rule out any person who can get lured to the darkness. So it’s normal that she would be concerned that Thrawn might be manipulating Ezra into helping him with his nefarious plans.

As such, saving Ezra is something personal for Ahsoka. It’s a mission that’s dear to her even though the two didn’t get to spend a lot of time together. However, Ahsoka knows that the Jedi Knight was the reason she was able to survive after her fight with Darth Vader in Rebels. Ezra reached back in time to pull her to safety just before she got killed.

As such, due to this Ahsoka might be looking forward to saving Ezra.

Is Ezra Still With Grand Admiral Thrawn?


If Ahsoka is indeed going after Grand Admiral Thrawn to track Ezra Bridger, then one has to ask- is this a good strategy? For one, it’s unknown what happened to them after Rebels ended. So there’s no guarantee that if she locates Thrawn, she will indeed be able to find Ezra.

After all, they might have gotten separated after the initial space jump. Or they could have parted ways after that. But since Ezra was committed to making sure that Thrawn won’t be able to go after anyone else, so it’s pretty safe to assume that he would have stayed with him to make sure of that.

As such, if the Chiss villain is building his Empire and roaming free after the defeat of Darth Sidious, then it begs the question- what happened to Ezra Bridger. After all, the Jedi Knight is not free of temptation by the Darkness.

Apart from Anakin being a cautionary story, Ahsoka saw firsthand just how Maul tried to recruit Ezra into becoming his own apprentice in Rebels. Other than this, Ezra might be getting coerced into cooperating with Grand Admiral Thrawn’s plans.

So if that is the case then tracking the Chiss would indeed be the best possible way to find out Ezra’s present condition and whereabouts. Not to mention that this search will make for a great story in her own Disney+ show. But to find out what exactly happens, we will have to wait for her show to drop.

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