Star Wars: Top 5 Hottest Fan Theories For The Ahsoka Disney+ Series

The Ahsoka Disney+ series is coming in 2023 and we have compiled the top 5 theories for the show before you watch it

By Ishita Chatterjee
December 10,2022
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Ahsoka is arriving in her solo Disney+ series in 2023, and the Star Wars fandom is brimming with anticipation over what’s going to happen in the show. In a recently reported news, we came to know where Ezra and Thrawn have been trapped for so long.

And if the report is correct, we will see that new realm explored in the Ahsoka show. But that’s not all. There are a lot more fan theories and rumors floating around about the upcoming show. And we have rounded up the top 5 most popular ones. Scroll below to check these out:

1) Mortis, The World Between Worlds Will Play A Role

The World Between Worlds as seen in Star Wars Rebels
The World Between Worlds as seen in Star Wars Rebels

Fans analyzed the show’s title card to find that the “O” in the name, and the chart behind the logo could signify The World Between Worlds. It’s a mystical and magical plane that was first seen in Rebels. And it introduced, for the first time, time travel in the Star Wars universe.

Ahsoka is connected to it because she actually died on Mortis. It was Anakin who later on resurrected her with The Daughter’s Life Force. This event can be interpreted in multiple ways. One is that Ahsoka can be the new representation of the Light Side.

After all, before Filoni settled on the name Ahsoka, her name was going to be Ashla, a term used to refer to the light side. Also, it’s interesting to note that during her last appearance in Rebels, the Force theme was played and not her own.

Another thing of note is that the Morai ‘owl’ is tied to her or the Daughter in some manner. It appeared when Chewbacca saved Ahsoka from the Trandoshans, we spotted it again in Rebels, and also in her Mandalorian episode. So there’s a connection there that will hopefully be explored in the show.

2) Barriss Offee Gets A Redemption Arc Or Not

Barriss Offee and Anakin
Barriss Offee and Anakin

Barriss Offee was once Ahsoka Tano’s friend. But she tried to frame Ahsoka for the Jedi Temple bombing. At last, Anakin discovered her as the culprit behind the event and then she was put in prison. Initially, the plan was for her to die, but that was scrapped, and she was kept alive.

However, that was the last we saw of her. She hasn’t appeared in any other live-action or animated Star Wars media since. But that can change with the Ahsoka show. Fans predict that the once best friend of Ahsoka and a foil to her character arc could find redemption if she allies herself with the titular heroine.

But others are not a fan of the redemption arc. Many think that she should be the main villain and manipulate Ahsoka Tano by saying she knows where Ezra and Thrawn are.

3) Anakin Advising Ahsoka  

Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano
Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano

It was confirmed long back that Hayden Christensen will be reprising his role as Anakin Skywalker in the Ahsoka series. And immediately rumors began doing the rounds about him returning as a Force Ghost and guiding Ahsoka in her journey.

After all, it has been firmly established that Force ghosts only show themselves to people who knew them in their life. So if he shows himself to anyone other than Luke, then it’s definitely going to Ahsoka. Fans think that connecting with his former padawan and helping her will be his redemption. Also, there are theories that there could be flashback scenes where he appears as Vader.

4) Ahsoka, Sabine And Hera Track Down Thrawn

Hera Syndulla
Hera Syndulla

Ahsoka states clearly in The Mandalorian season 2 that she is looking for Thrawn. But fans think that she won’t be alone in this journey. She will be joined by Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren. And they think that finding Thrawn will ultimately lead them to Ezra.

5) Corrupted Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn
Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn

A popular rumor states that when Ahsoka finds Ezra, he will be corrupted by the Dark Side as a result of being forced to survive in the Unknown Regions. Thrawn could also manipulate him to do his bidding, and that might morally corrupt him. And in the end, Ahsoka or Sabine would save him.

Which theories do you agree with? Let us know.