Star Wars: Visions Needs To Tell More Stories But Will Season 2 Happen

“Star Wars: Visions” is the new animation show in Disney+. It is filled with magical animation and bold storytelling, while Lucasfilms does not announce any

By Subhankar Chowdhury
September 26,2021
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“Star Wars: Visions” is the new animation show in Disney+. It is filled with magical animation and bold storytelling, while Lucasfilms does not announce any renewing news regarding Visions, it certainly deserves one.

Judging the unceremoniously way Disney+ dumped the show, it is clear that Lucasfilm and Disney do not have that much faith in it but they are proven to be wrong as it is one of the refreshing and exciting spells the studio cast in recent years. So season 2 is a big mystery, but you don’t need any congress hearing to prove that the show deserves a Season 2.

It is evident that the show was clearly an experiment; it was the first dive for Disney and Lucasfilm within the Anime Ocean. Although they were very resourceful for their novice experimental project, as six of biggest anime studio of Japan was accountable to bring the nine episodes studded show. The best quality of the show is the expansion within a weird range, but it is perfect fully weird and the core of the show is always the universe we all love.

Is anime not a strong suit for Star Wars?

Star Wars Visions

The show certainly proved that anime is just a serving plate for the show, the food was always the Star Wars universe. The netizens in the twitter-sphere are comparing this with Marvel’s What if…? And the comparison is not that farfetched. The show also tells non-canon stories from a parallel timeline, but it is Star Wars, so the comparison is a fool’s game here.

What makes Vision unique is that the stories focused on new characters and there are enough spices to make it refreshing and make the audience care about these characters in just one episode, such as; new Jedi, impeccable fight scenes, and even new lightsabers. Also due to the anime, the show spread its wings quite broad and makes us realize how big a beautiful black hole anime is. So yes it is proven to be a bold suit for Star wars as it presented the stories within new genres, styles, and from myriad new perspectives.

It is very much Star wars within its heart

Star Wars Visions

This is a worthy inclusion in the universe. It is undeniable that with the first wave of streaming shows like The Mandalorian and The Bad Batch, Star Wars swept their fans off, while the presentations are new but those shows are very much Star Warsy. So it is fair to state that after the disaster of Solo, Lucasfilm and Disney stopped taking any risk, and in those circumstances comes this show, it is fresh and daring and it just fits in perfectly because in the heart it is still the Star Wars.

The show comprises simple ideas but is presented in bold and exciting ways. The shadow of Akira Kurosawa is very prominent as the basic Good vs Evil story turns out to be an idea where anyone with strong and honest intent can rise up, along with some weird yet wonderful concepts; like Force twins’ concept or new design for lightsabers. Also, the show introduced some new and subtle visions, and these already carved a niche in the mind of the audience, like who or what wields a character in using a red lightsaber.

All these aspects are magical because they are open-ended, they can go in any direction and that opens up for infinity of possibilities and a Fan base which is fighting over Ashoka or Luke Skywalker who is the best?, they will drown in these questions and they would demand a Season two because regardless of the presentation the show is in his heart pure Star Wars.

Several Hypothetic babies

Star Wars Visions
Star Wars Visions

The show is so wide and deep in its context that any storyline or character arc from the Nine episodes can be explored, they are like some magical pudding cup, no matter how filled they seem there is always room for a beginning. The first episode of Vision, “The Duel” has a character Ronin’s arc is so compelling that it is going to make a return in a Novel but also it can carry several other storylines forward in his shoulder.

Some episodes are ended in Marvel post-credit scenes style; they are begging to be carried on for several promising and fitting ends or a new beginning. Episodes like “The Ninth Jedi” and “The Twins” leave the character’s arc in an uncertain way so that they can be followed up and they should be. The point is that even with an intention to spoil or messing it up, it will still be pretty damn difficult to ruin season two. The show already has so many hypothetic babies; it is like an onus to give the fans a season 2.

Wisdomous Waugh

Star Wars Visions Twins
Star Wars Visions Twins

Producer James Waugh is one who makes the most sense in recent years from Lucasfilm. He seems to be very casual about the question when asked by the Inverse about the renewal. Although he did not dismiss the interviewer’s question instead he states,

“Let’s see what the audience thinks and let’s react from there”

The answer is pretty straightforward, as the show gains awesome reviews and garnering love from the audiences. Maybe a better question could be why the studio lost faith in it and dumped it in silence, because no matter how great the response is, it is not copious in quantity, so there might be a lack of adequate push for renewal.

Contrary to that, If observed closely, the studio must be aware of the storylines and the show was designed in this way, so all these loose endings could be utilized in further seasons, so It can be assumed that before losing hope, they actually thought of going further with Visions. With Star Wars, weird marketing decisions are not something new, but what is comforting is that the studio eventually made good decisions, so Season 2 of “Star Wars: Visions” is still on cards and why wouldn’t it be, there are so many stories to tell.