Star Wars: Why Does Ahsoka Tano Have Different Colored Lightsabers?

Apart from Rey and Leia, Ahsoka Tano is arguably the most famous female character of the Star Wars universe. Her continuously rising popularity since her

By Kunal Sharma
May 23,2021
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Apart from Rey and Leia, Ahsoka Tano is arguably the most famous female character of the Star Wars universe. Her continuously rising popularity since her introduction in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and then Star Wars Rebels has resulted in a live action adaptation of the character, now played by Rosario Dawson. Her first live action appearance was in season 2 of The Mandalorian and now she has a Disney+ show in the works that she will be leading. 

The announcement of the Ashoka Disney+ show made her fans happy and it was a dream come true for them. However, not every fan knows everything about her. Many have just discovered her and are still learning more details about her story. One of the frequent questions of her fans is regarding her dagger-style lightsabers and their changing colours. 

Ashoka Lightsaber

After all, when we were introduced to Ahsoka she wielded green lightsabers. But as The Clone Wars was coming to an end, she was using blue lightsabers. Later on when an older and wiser Ahsoka showed up to help the Rebellion against a battle against the Empire, she used new pure white lightsabers. 

So what’s going on with her changing lightsabers? Well, we have an answer. 

Anakin Influenced Ahsoka’s Lightsabers

Ashoka And Anakin In Clone Wars

This change from the green lightsabers in The Clone Wars to blue-bladed sabers in the last season of the show and then the white-bladed sabers in Rebels confused many. Many thought that she had changed sabers especially since Ahsoka had surrendered her green blades to the Jedi Council. 

However, in the final season of The Clone Wars an episode titled “Old Friends Not Forgotten” depicted Ahsoka getting back her lightsabers. Her former mentor Anakin Skywalker gave back her the sabers and said that he had taken care of them in her absence. In fact, he said that the blades might be “a little better”, indicating that he had tinkered with them. 

anakin and ashoka

Now, fans who know about lightsabers and how they work will know that kyber crystals act as their power sources. These crystals also reflect back their owner’s traits. So it’s definitely possible that Anakin had influenced Ashoka’s sabers, even unintentionally. 

Why Did Ahsoka Have White Lightsabers In Rebels? 

But this isn’t the only explanation. There is a more detailed one in the E.K. Johnson written Ashoka novel that’s set after The Clone Wars. The book has more details about what happened with the blue lightsabers to turn them into white ones that showed that Ahsoka had an independent spirit. 

The novel says that Ashoka went into hiding to save herself from the Empire. She discarded the blue lightsabers after getting away from Order 66. But she was exposed when she made use of her Force powers to protect innocents. Since she was discovered, so the Empire sent one their Inquisitors (Jedi-hunting enforcers) called the Sixth Brother to kill her.

Ashoka In rebels

But the opposite happened and she killed the Sixth Brother. Then she took his lightsaber’s kyber crystals so that she could make a new one. His crystals were red due to corruption from the dark side. However, Ahsoka purified them stark white. This is why when she showed up in Star Wars Rebels, she had white blades. 

What Does A White Lightsaber Mean? 

A wider meaning of the white kyber crystals was given in The High Republic series where the example of Jedi Orla Jareni was shown. Her lightsaber was also white. It was depicted that she had become a “Wayseeker”. A Wayseeker is a Jedi, but one who has chosen to work independently of the Council as well as its views. 


Ahsoka becoming a Wayseeker is not surprising especially since she had conflicts with the Sith as well as the Jedi Council. As such, her independent path got reflected in her lightsabers and it turned white. Also apart from the blades, her demeanour had changed in Star Wars Rebels. She was older and calmer. 

Now, fans are wondering if the upcoming Disney+ show will tell the story of why she has the white lightsabers. It’s definitely a possibility and we hope that the show doesn’t miss out on telling this crucial story. 

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