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Super Saiyan 4 Vegito’s Latest Form Is Shared By Dragon Ball

By Kunal Sharma
November 14,2020

Dragon Ball may not be pushing through much anime these days, but that hasn’t keep its singular series from going all out. If you will recall, Dragon Ball Super ended a few years back, but its manga lives on with new content. When it comes to the anime, the only series going on is the Super Dragon Ball Heroes in all its non-canon splendor. Nowadays, fans have become attached to the series, and the show is about to give Vegito an excellent upgrade.

Recently, fans were given an update on the Dragon Ball Heroes franchise for its tenth anniversary, and a new World Mission was previewed for fans. The upcoming arc will be an involved one, but it promises to revisit a little-seen Vegito form.

After all, Super Saiyan 4 Vegito Limit Breaker is coming back, and it will look as good as ever. Some new stills of the power boost have gone live, and they show Vegito looking more fierce than ever before. The images were sourced from a recent TV commercial hyping the new World Mission, so fans have a lot to look forward to.

Currently, the PR anime is due for a new arc as the Dragon Ball Super series has come up against a finale. Super Fu did not win his battle against Goku and Vegeta as of late. All of our heroes are now facing a rather demonic threat because of the mad scientist, so it seems fitting for Vegito to take part in Fu’s bit rematch.