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Sydney Sweeney Finally Reveals More Information On Marvel Casting

By Akshay Sharma
April 4,2022

24-year-old star Sydney Sweeney has broken her silence on her reported casting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She was said to have been cast as Dakota Johnson’s co-star in Madame Web and she has confirmed the same recently. This is the next big role the American actress will be doing after playing Cassie Howard in HBO’s hit show Euphoria.

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney

While there is little information available about Madame Web itself, Sweeney’s public quotes provide more insight into the context of her casting.

Sydney Sweeney Discussing Her Casting

Madame Web

Madame Web

In an interview with Variety, she acknowledged her upcoming role in the Spiderman spin-off movie, Madame Web. On being asked how she selects the roles offered to her, she responded by saying that she finds joy in playing a variety of challenging characters that have little to no similarities in common.

“I like to try and find characters that are challenging for me in multiple different ways, and are completely different from one another. I want to continue to shock people with the characters that I play when they don’t expect that I would choose that next.”

Preparing for the Role

Spider-Man's Madame Web Spin-Off Movie Gets Promising Update

Spider-Man’s Madame Web

With respect to Madame Web, in particular, she said she has been reading up to improve her knowledge of the universe. Additionally, she has been a fan of universes from both Marvel and Sony over the years and is grateful to join the cast.

“I’ve been ordering a bunch of comic books. There’s a lot to learn. I’ve always been a really big fan of all of the Marvel and Sony Universe movies. I’ve grown up watching them all, and I’ve been engulfed in the entire world my entire life, so being able to be a part of that is such an incredible, incredible thing.”

Evidently, Sweeney has been a part of the fanbase for a number of years and deeply values the opportunity to join the universe.

Fans themselves have wanted her to play roles like Black Cat and Gwen Stacy so they too are broadly elated to see her become a part of the Marvel family.

Regardless of which character Sweeney is cast as her enthusiasm sheds light on the efforts she will put into telling the most entertaining story which is much needed after the somewhat disappointing reception of Morbius.

Source: Variety

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