Sydney Sweeney’s Provocative Role In ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Sparks Debate

Sydney Sweeney Discusses Her Excitement For Portraying “Crazy Cassie” In The Highly Anticipated Third Season Of ‘Euphoria’.

By Akshay Sharma
May 19,2023

Sydney Sweeney, known for her role as Cassie Howard in the HBO teen drama series ‘Euphoria‘, can’t wait to portray “crazy Cassie” in the show’s upcoming third season. The 25-year-old actress expresses her enthusiasm and shares her thoughts on the highly anticipated new season.

No Favorite Character For Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney

Despite her success in various TV shows and movies like ‘Euphoria’, ‘The White Lotus’, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, and ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, Sydney Sweeney claims that she doesn’t have a favorite character among her roles. Comparing it to choosing a favorite child, she finds it difficult to rank her performances.

Yearning For New Challenges And A Period Piece

Sydney SweeneySydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney

While Sydney Sweeney has had a remarkable career so far, she looks forward to exploring new challenges in the years to come. One particular genre she desires to venture into is a “period piece.” Although she hasn’t decided on the specific type yet, she expresses her interest in taking on a role in a period drama.

Sydney Sweeney stars alongside Zendaya in ‘Euphoria’, a show created by Sam Levinson. Zendaya, who portrays the drug-addicted teenager Rue Bennett, shares her own reasons for joining the series and reveals a strong emotional connection to her character and the story being told. The opportunity to work with Levinson and be part of a deeply honest narrative about addiction drew her to the role, disregarding any concerns about public perception or expectations. She made the decision based on what felt emotionally right and true to the story.