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Did ‘Gia’ Nearly Push Angelina Jolie Out Of Acting Forever?
Explore the moment when Angelina Jolie considered quitting acting after her role in ‘Gia’ and discover the vulnerability and self-reflection that shape even the most
By Amitabh Mukherji
2 weeks ago
Is Emma Watson’s Retreat From Hollywood An Escape Or A Necessity?
Delve into the controversy surrounding Emma Watson’s decision to step back from Hollywood
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1 month ago
Emily Blunt’s Career Break Sparks Debate On Balancing Family And Acting
Explore The Controversial Decision Of Hollywood Actress Emily Blunt To Take A Break From Her Career And Prioritize Family Time
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5 months ago
Seyfried’s Controversial Gamora Rejection: Lawrence’s Rant To Blame?
Discover Why Amanda Seyfried Rejected The Role Of Gamora In The Avengers And Guardians Of The Galaxy Movies After Jennifer Lawrence’s Rant About Her Make-up
By Akshay Sharma
7 months ago
Megan Fox Snubs Tomb Raider Role To Dodge Angelina Jolie Comparisons
Explore Megan Fox’s Decision To Decline A Role In The Tomb Raider Franchise To Avoid Comparisons To Angelina Jolie And Preserve Her Individuality In The
By Amitabh Mukherji
9 months ago