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Is Hollywood Punishing Politeness? Dakota Johnson’s Shocking Encounter Sparks Debate
Discover how Dakota Johnson’s encounter with criticism for her politeness sheds light on the complex dynamics of Hollywood and sparks a debate on professionalism and
By Amitabh Mukherji
2 months ago
Emmy Rossum’s Audition Nightmare: Director Requests Bikini Showcase For Role
Explore Emmy Rossum’s Shocking Encounter With A Sexist Director Who Demanded She Audition In A Bikini.
By Akshay Sharma
9 months ago
Samuel L. Jackson Opens Up About Nick Fury’s Experience With Racism In The MCU
Samuel L. Jackson Discusses The Portrayal Of Racism Faced By Nick Fury In The Marvel Cinematic Universe
By Akshay Sharma
10 months ago
Emma Watson Takes A Stand Against J.K. Rowling’s Transphobia At BAFTAs
Emma Watson’s Indirect Comment At The Baftas Sparks Controversy As Fans Claim It’s A Dig At J.K. Rowling’s Controversial Views On Transgender Women.
By Akshay Sharma
12 months ago
The Marvels Trailer Receives Backlash From Fans Citing ‘Wokeness’
Angry Fans Have Dislike-bombed The Trailer For Captain Marvel 2, The Marvels, On Youtube, Citing Political “Wokeness.”
By Akshay Sharma
1 year ago