Taking A Detailed Look At The The Witcher Season 2 Trailer’s Biggest Moments

It has been a few days since the trailer of season 2 of The Witcher dropped in WitcherCon and fans finally got to see the 2-min clip that they have been waiting for a long time to see. So, after we let the trailer sit for some time, we saw that there are questions that the trailer has raised that we want to discuss. Also, we want to highlight some of the best moments in the trailer.

The trailer has given us quite a look at the newer elements that are being added to Geralt’s and Ciri’s series as well as the older ones that are getting referenced from the novels. So let us take a look as a whole at the Witcher serving that was offered.

The Journey To The Fortress

Geralt and Ciri will bond on the journey to Kaer Morhen

The trailer has footage of Geralt, Ciri, and Roach traveling across mountains, through the snow, and into the wild on their way to Kaer Morhen. Now, it looks like most of these scenes are not going to be an adaptation of the events that take place in Sapkowski’s books.

This is because showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich had previously teased Ciri and Geralt’s journey to Kaer Morhen by saying that she wanted to explore the time they were traveling together. But this time wasn’t covered in the Blood of Elves books. However, we think that her decision was right.

This is because focusing on the time they spent together would help show how the former Cintran princess and witcher were able to develop their close bond.

Geralt Vs. A Vampire…Maybe

Ciri might show her elder blood powers

There’s one major monster that gets featured in the trailer. Now, at first, it looks like it might be a griffin or a basilisk, but a closer look reveals pale skin and chiropteran wings. So we know just what animal it might be. In Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel titled The Last Wish, there’s indeed a creature who has those features and it turns out to be a vampire.

Her name is Vereena, and she is mentioned in the chapter “A Grain of Truth.”In Sapkowski’s novel, the vampire, known as a bruxa, stays in a manor that’s owned by a cursed man called Nivellen.

We think that this creature might be a vampire because it was confirmed in early season 2 that The Witcher will adapt stories from The Last Wish, as well from Time of Contempt and Blood of Elves as well. Also, note that Nivellen who shows up at the end of the trailer is portrayed by Kristofer Hivju.

The School Of The Wolf And Its Witchers


Geralt will meet the other Witchers and Vesemir at Kaer Morhen

In season 2 of The Witcher, we will get to see the fellow witchers of Geralt, who all belong to the School of the Wolf. This is because, in the Blood of Elves novel, that showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has adapted for season 2 of her show, follows Geralt as he trains Ciri with the help of the other witchers. These witchers are Eskel, Coën, Lambert, and Vesemir, their mentor.

However, it’s not a direct translation. It was reported that Netflix’s version of The Witcher will introduce a new character to Kaer Morhen. Reports have suggested that Netflix’s adaptation of Kaer Morhen will have a new character called Hemrik. It’s not known right now what role he will be playing in Ciri and Geralt’s journey.

But that’s not all, it was also reported that one main character from Geralt’s witcher family might be killed off in a way that’s starkly different from the source material. Any ideas on who it might be?

Ciri’s Elder Blood

Ciri might show her elder blood powers

In the trailer, Ciri tells Geralt, “Sometimes I feel so afraid, I feel like I could burn the whole world.” Now, at a glance, it definitely seems like a poetic way of describing Ciri’s fear and anger after Cintra was burned down and she had to escape capture by the Nilfguard. However, we think that this line might actually allude to the Elder Blood she carries.

Season 1 showed a pregnant Pavetta who almost destroyed an entire banquet full of princes and knights after she got possessed by the power of the Elder Blood. In the books, Ciri can cast spells and travel through time and space. Also, as per Ithlinne’s prophecy, it’s believed that her power, as well as the Elder blood, is connected to the world’s end as well.

However, she doesn’t have full control of her powers. How much of her powers will we see this season? That remains to be seen.

Attack On Kaer Morhen And Vesemir

An attack on Kaer Morhen is coming

Vesemir isn’t shown in the season 2 trailer. But he can be spotted helping Geralt during an attack on Kaer Morhen which was reported to feature one of the major monsters from the second season. Also, know that this is also from where the rumors began to circulate about one of the major characters present in Blood of Elves getting killed off during season 2.

This character’s death has been linked to the monster that attacks Kaer Morhen. As for the truth level of these rumors, know that they all came from the accounts who were on set witnessing the battle scene shown in the trailer.

Is Triss Merigold In Season 2?

Triss Merigold might bond with Ciri in season 2

In the trailer, there’s a brief moment where Ciri encounters a mysterious figure while in the forest. The location and hair suggest that it could be Triss Merigold who was in the first season of the show as part of King Foltest’s court.

In the books, Triss shows up in Blood of Elves. There she visits Kaer Morhen and is invited by Geralt to train and take care of Ciri after the Elder Blood child began to show latent magical abilities. Over time Triss and Ciri formed a sisterly bond, and the sorceress even warned the witchers to not take an action as that would have been fatal in Trial of the Grasses.

Yennefer’s Condition

Yennefer suffers the consequences of her actions

At the end of the trailer, there’s an answer to the question that the end of season 1 left us with- what happened to Yennefer? In season 2, it looks like the sorceress has fallen into the hands of the Nilfgaardians after killing off their army at the Battle of Sodden.

Her current situation was hinted at way back in October of 2020 where Yennefer was in shackles and had the same robes on when she fought off the Black Ones. But the set photos seemed to show that Yen will be freed from the Nilfgaardians, so fans don’t need to be worried for long about her fate.

How much of our predictions will turn out to be true? That remains to be seen when Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on Dec. 17.