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Taron Egerton Reported To Be The Next Wolverine

Taron Egerton, who portrayed Sir Elton John in 2019’s ‘Rocketman,’ has shown interest in playing another renowned character, Logan/Wolverine.

In an interview with New York Times, the actor said that he had visited with Marvel and its president, Kevin Feige, to discuss the possibility of becoming the next Wolverine.

“I don’t think it would be wrong to say that. I’d be excited but I’d be apprehensive as well, because Hugh is so associated with the role that I’d wonder if it’d be very difficult for someone else to do it.”t of course, he wishes that if they do happen to come around, he hopes to be given a try”

But of course, he wishes that if they do happen to come around, he hopes to be given a try:

“Hopefully if it does come around,” he says, “they’ll give me a shot.”

Fan Art Reveal

For the longest time, fans have been suggesting Taron Egerton should replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Consequently, fan sketches illustrating their own visions of what they imagine Egerton will look like in the role of Logan are making the rounds. One such work is that of Internet artist Mizuriau which is cited here.

Taron Egerton as Wolverine

While Marvel has acknowledged conversations with Taron Egerton, the actor has not yet announced he would play Wolverine in the next film. While it may be premature to suggest that Marvel Studios has spent years setting the groundwork for the mutants’ introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the release of Disney+’s WandaVision has allowed the studio to gradually incorporate more and more parts of the X-Men mythology, and more notably Wolverine’s mythos, into the MCU.

New Wolverine Will Be Shorter

While we await an affirmed response, we can assure you that Wolverine will most certainly be shorter than OG Hugh Jackman. In yet another interview, this time, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick addressed rumors that Wolverine may make a cameo in Deadpool 3. The movie will be marking the character’s official entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A recurrent joke among the writers was that Marvel should hire a shorter actor like Wolverine. In the comics, Wolverine is shorter than Hugh Jackman’s live-action character, who stands at 6 feet and 3 inches in the film adaptation.

It is now only a matter of time that either Deadpool 3 creator, Marvel boss Kevin Feige or perhaps Taron Egerton will make an official announcement. Until then, fans must sit tight and hope for the best.