Texas School Shooter Salvador Ramos Was A Felon, Says Grandfather

Salvador Ramos, the Uvalde school shooter, was described as a peaceful youngster who spent most of his time alone in his room by his grandfather, who disclosed that the family had no idea he lawfully purchased two AR-15s last week.

Ramos, 18, was shot and killed by police yesterday at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where he killed 19 fourth pupils and two instructors. The motivation of the shooter is unknown. He shot his grandma in the head at home before stealing her car and driving it to school, crashed into a ditch before walking into the classroom and opening fire.

Salvador Ramos bought the guns last week a day after celebrating his 18th birthday with his grandmother at Applebee’s.

Ramos turned 18 on May 16 and immediately purchased two AR-15 rifles and over 300 rounds of gun ammunition. They were bought at the Oasis Outback store in Uvalde, which is about a 10-minute drive from his grandmother’s home.

Rolando Reyes, 74, says he had no idea his grandson bought two AR-15s last week.

His grandma, Celia Martinez, is thought to be 66 years old and took him to Applebee’s to celebrate his birthday. Her husband Rolando Reyes, 74, told ABC News on Wednesday morning that none of them knew their grandson had bought the pistols.

‘I had no idea he was armed.’ If I’d known, I would have reported it,’ Rolando, who has a felony conviction and is prohibited from having firearms in his house, added. Ramos moved in with his grandparents following a fight with his mother over his mother’s decision to turn off Wi-Fi in their home. Despite being shot in the head, Ramos’ grandmother survived. She has been admitted to the hospital.

The shooter’s granddad reportedly admitted that he was quiet but would occasionally accompany him to work.

‘Every now and then, I’d take him to work with me.’ Not all of the time, but occasionally. He didn’t go to school last year. He did not complete his education. You’d try to tell him, but today’s kids believe they know everything. ‘He was quite quiet and didn’t say much,’

The teen didn’t live with his mother because they had ‘issues,’ according to the grandfather. He was out of the house when the adolescent opened fire on Tuesday. He received a call from a neighbor informing him that his wife had been shot, but by the time he returned to the house, Ramos had fled in his grandmother’s car.

‘I got a call from a neighbour who reported she’d been shot.’ When I arrived, he informed me that he had left. ‘It still hasn’t hit me,’ he admitted.

Salvador Ramos legally purchased two AR-15 style rifles

The Call of Duty-obsessed gunman purchased two firearms, including a $1,870 Daniel Defense AR-15. After the incident, he submitted a receipt for that transaction on the website Yubo, which The Daily Dot received on Tuesday. It’s unknown whether Ramos, who turned 18 just a few weeks ago, purchased both firearms from the Daniel Defense website. The business, which is based in Georgia, allows clients to place orders online and then pick them up from a local dealer.

The gunman also bought more than 300 rounds of ammunition.

There are no Daniel Defense dealers listed in Uvalde, but there are numerous in San Antonio, some 100 miles distant. Ramos obtained at least one weapon from a local guns licensee, according to the ATF. On May 17, he made his first purchase, an AR-15 gun. According to ATF sources reported by Click2Houston, he bought 375 rounds of 5.56 ammo the next day. He purchased a new weapon on May 20. One of the firearms was discovered in his truck, which he wrecked into a ditch before opening fire at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday. Ramos was shot and killed by cops inside the school, where the Daniel Defense rifle was discovered. It’s unknown how the adolescent acquired the weapons.

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