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Thanos May Return, All Thanks To Harry Styles’s Appearance In Eternals

By Mabel Judith Andrady
January 13,2022

One of the most surprising newcomers to the MCU was Harry Styles’ Eros/Starfox. It was his presence in the film that may have set up Thanos’ return to the MCU. Now that Thanos has been defeated in Phase 4, the MCU is moving forward with new characters, events, and concepts. All of this together makes up for what has been called the Infinity Saga for the first three Phases of the MCU. Eternals and other cosmic beings have taken some time to be explored in Phase 4. However, the multiverse continues to be the focus.

The Eternals are an alien race formed by the Celestial Arishem in the film of the same name directed by Chlo√© Zhao. Humanity’s evolution was aided by the Eternals, who were sent to safeguard it from the evil Deviants. However, they were not allowed to intervene in their conflicts.

Once they became estranged due to their differing ideologies, the Deviants regrouped after the death of their leader Ajak. This, and the impending “Emergence” forced them to band together once again. Eternals saved the world while discovering that they weren’t the only Eternals in the universe and that their origins and purpose were revealed.

Thanos- The Perfect Brother



To wrap up the events of Eternals, Sersi, Phastos, and Kingo remained on Earth. However, they were held captive by Arishem and taken to an unknown location. The rest of the Eternals fled Earth on the Domo in search of more. Eros/Starfox, another Eternal and brother of Thanos, was introduced by Pip.

Eros told Then, Druig, and Makkari where to find the rest of the team in Eternals. As a reason, we can assume that Eros will appear in another MCU film at some point in the future. Eros’ arrival in the MCU sets the stage for the return of Thanos. Furthermore, it also reveals the backstory of the Eternals.

Screen Rant spoke with Eternals writers Matthew “Kaz” Firpo and Ryan Firpo about Eros and Thanos, disclosing that Eros may have made a significant contribution to Thanos’ actions in Avengers: Infinity War and hunting at the adventure of Eros’ backstory and therefore his connection with his brother in Eternals 2. A “perfect brother” is what made Thanos who he is, and Kaz hopes for more of the same in Eternals 2.

Thanos May Return Through Flashbacks



The MCU would have to have flashbacks of Thanos and Eros to tell the origins of Eros and the dynamic between him and his brother. This would make for a suitable return of the Mad Titan in the Sacred Timeline. All this, without having to mess with it.

The future of Eternals and Eros is still up in the air. However, it’s not out of the question that a sequel will be announced soon. With so many unanswered questions in Eternals, Harry Styles’ Eros is a welcome and exciting addition to the MCU. This is so not only because of his impressive powers, but also because of his mysterious past and connection to Thanos. Though the MCU may be done with Thanos at this point, the Mad Titan can still appear in flashbacks without jeopardizing the timeline.

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