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Thanos’ Rumoured MCU Prequel Receives Comments From James Gunn

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 14,2022

Will Thanos’ rumored MCU prequel finally follow through? As a Hollywood director, James Gunn is known as one of the most open about his future projects, particularly those involving superheroes. When it comes to the DC Comics universe, he’s already shot down the rumor that Bane will be the main villain in Peacemaker Season 2. He’s done the same thing with the MCU, especially with the news about the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Aside from next year’s highly anticipated Vol. 3, Gunn is currently hard at work on a number of other new adventures for the galactic misfit characters. While this film is expected to push the team to new heights, the plot is also expected to contain some of the most moving moments in the franchise’s history.

The animated I Am Groot and the Guardians’ Holiday Special, both from Gunn, will appear on Disney+ and feature the entire original cast. Whether it’s true or not, Gunn is always on the lookout for new information about what’s said to be on its way to fans. Although he quickly dispelled the latest Guardians-related Disney+ rumor, he recently came across another one.

Gunn Puts An End To Thanos’ Rumored MCU Prequel

James Gunn

James Gunn

Director James Gunn of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 tweeted to dispel a rumor that Disney+ would be home to a new Thanos film. This prequel series will focus on Gamora and Thanos’ “family-like” relationship, according to Moth Culture, which reported on the project. In order to dispel the rumor that Thanos “tortured” Gamora and Nebula after adopting them as daughters, Gunn denied the rumor.

Thanos and Daughters Are Still Connected

Thanos in Infinity War


When it comes to the family dynamic in the MCU, the Guardians have been a huge success. Thanos, however, isn’t exactly a model of success in that department. A Disney+ series or other cosmic films like Eternals have been mentioned as possible ways to expand on Thanos’ backstory. As for the possibility of an MCU Thanos series, Gunn makes it abundantly clear that this wasn’t a loving family.

Realistically, there’s a real possibility that Thanos’ backstory will be revisited in Guardians 3, especially given the prominence given to Gamora and Nebula. For the first time in the MCU’s story, they will be free of the Mad Titan in this film, allowing them to find closure on their traumatic childhood memories. In spite of Thanos’ continued popularity in the MCU, Gunn makes it clear that the character was never a family man.

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