That One Time Eros Had To Defend Himself From She-Hulk’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Warning: Includes spoilers for Eternals

MCU’s Eternals has introduced an exciting new character in its post-credits scene. That character is Eros/Starfox, and Harry Styles portray him. The singer’s arrival in the MCU has left fans reeling. His fans can’t wait to see more of him in the franchise, and the MCU fans want to see where Eros’ story goes from here.

We are sure that Styles will be bringing his charisma to the role since Eros is supposed to be a good-looking character. However, the comic book history of the character is pretty sketchy.

What Is Eros’ Unique Power?

Harry Styles as Eros/Starfox in the Eternals post-credit scenes

Eros possesses a lot of the same powers as the other Eternals. But he has one power that is unique to him. He can please others. This means that he can stimulate the pleasure centers of a person’s brain. He uses this to make others feel good. But if he wants, then he can indeed make someone infatuated with him. In the comics, that’s exactly what a human woman accused him of doing.

And this, in turn, led to She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters is a lawyer) getting hired to defend him in court against the sexual assault allegation. Now, this is the dubious territory, and the way this was handled hasn’t aged well.

She-Hulk And Eros’ Complicated History

Effects of Starfox’s pleasure powers during the trial

Let us talk about Eros and Jennifer Walters, aka. She-Hulk. They were in the Avengers for a time, and as such, they were teammates. However, their camaraderie extended beyond friendship. They did have sex with each other during their stint in the Avengers. Now, back to the sexual assault allegation, Eros used his power to influence the jury during the trial.

Jen also started wondering if he had used his powers when they had slept together. After he refused to deny it, she beat him up. This made his dad A’lars teleport him back to Titan, his homeworld. There, A’lars put him on a cosmic trial that was presided over by The Living Tribunal.

This time, She-Hulk was the prosecuting attorney. Even though Thanos testified against him, it was ultimately discovered that Eros didn’t coerce Jen into sleeping with him. However, he did influence her in another way. Eros charmed Jen into marrying John Jameson, her husband. She-Hulk was justifiably outraged, and Eros finally started seeing the error of his ways.

She-Hulk Disney+ show.

At the end of the trial, he requested Moondragon to disable his abilities so that he could never use them again. Now, Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk Disney+ series is going to land the following year. And since Eros is already in the MCU, it remains to be seen if they will ever meet down the line. Also, we are curious if MCU will ever adopt this storyline.

Generally, MCU tends to steer clear of too controversial things. So maybe they will avoid this storyline altogether. Or maybe, they will put their take on this controversial storyline. You might also like: Writers Of Eternals Say Harry Styles’ Eros May Have Been Responsible For Infinity War.