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The 10 Most Powerful Female Force Users In Star Wars

By Ishita Chatterjee
June 15,2021

There are a lot of women in Star Wars who have played significant roles when it comes to influencing the galaxy’s fate. Suffice to say that the strongest of these women have been force-sensitive. Many of them were Jedi Knights and Masters who were gifted with a variety of abilities. In fact, many of them had unique abilities which even their male friends and co-members didn’t have. 

So today we are here to talk about the top 10 most powerful female force wielders in Star Wars. In this list we will check out force users who have delivered appropriate punishment to their opponents and also served as an inspiration to their friends. 

Female Force Users In Star Wars

10. Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress

Introducing Asajj Ventress through her skills is easy. We know that she can wield two sabers and is a keen hunter. Also, she can perform levitation, mind tricks, telekinesis, and high-altitude jumps as a result of mastering both Sith and Jedi arts. 

Asajj Ventress is also a powerful battle ready character since she has faced off against multiple powerful characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker, etc., and emerged alive or victorious. 

But beyond her skills, there lies a character who is constantly struggling between the light and the darkness. She didn’t know which side of the Force to settle on. As a result of this uncertainty and the unending battles she was left with betrayals and pain. 


9. Yaddle



Yaddle is known because of her compassion and her resemblance to Master Yoda since they both belong to the same species. The only difference was that she was a couple of hundred years younger than him. She helped maintain peace in the wide galaxy as a result of her rare abilities and compassion. But the benevolent Jedi Master Yaddle could also perform some of the most brutal attacks on her enemies. 

Out of these, one of the most notable attacks is called Moricho. This attack results in the decay of the body functions of an enemy. Another rare power that Yaddle possessed was called Force Light. With the help of this power, she could disrupt the connection of a dark user to the Force. 


8. Luminara Unduli

Luminara Unduli

Luminara Unduli

Luminara Unduli was one of the best fighters of the Jedi Order. She was known for arriving just when support was needed. In fact, she had provided much-needed support in the battles of Nadiem and Geonosis. She is a great warrior because her control of the lightsaber is superb. 

But Luminara Unduli wasn’t dependent on her saber. Actually, she excelled in fighting even without a saber or rather the use of any weapon. Know that she could perform high-speed runs, massive jumps, as well as mind-boggling acrobatics to trick and defeat her opponents. 


7. Ahsoka Tano


It might surprise some to see Ahsoka Tano so low in this list, but that’s only because we have yet to see her realize her full potential. But we must say that we all have seen enough to know that the former apprentice of Anakin Skywalker definitely deserves a spot on this list. 

After all, she has fought against warriors like Asajj Ventress, General Grievous, Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, and more while holding her own. Also, her skills with a lightsaber are impeccable and she can fight with one or dual sabers. It’s also important to note that her Jedi journey is one of interest as well. 

After all, she was a character who was conflicted between light and darkness as well. But instead of giving in to the darkness, she chose to forge her own path ahead while still remaining aligned with the light. 


6. Mara Jade

Mara Jade

Mara Jade

The list of skills and powers possessed by Mara Jade is uncountable. After all, she was constantly updating her skill set throughout her multi-layered and massive career. But broadly, we can say that she is a disguiser, hacker, and infiltrator. 

Also, she is a master of various fighting techniques with melee, heavy, as well as ranged weapons. Mara Jade is also a skilled force user. She can use telepathy, levitate, and even change her body with it. Along with this, she is an excellent pilot. This is a trait that she shares with her husband Luke Skywalker. 

The love story of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade is one of the best in the galaxy and it also serves as the base for her redemption since she started off as an assassin employed by Emperor Palpatine. 


5. Bastila Shan

Bastila Shan

Bastila Shan

Just like Mara Jade, Bastila Shan also fell for a Jedi. But her lover Revan wasn’t as good as Luke Skywalker. But regardless of love life tangles, Shan grew more powerful over time. She mastered various powers like Force Lightning, Force Sense, Drain Life, Force Breach, Force Choke, and way more. 

Know that she was skilled in another unique power- Battle Mediation. With the help of this power, she could boost and strengthen the morale and power of her allies while diminishing that of her enemies. In fact, this power proved to be the winning factor in many battles. 


4. Satele Shan

Satele Shan

Satele Shan

Satele Shan was a Jedi Knight and a descendant of Revan. She was a seasoned and fearless veteran of the Great Galactic War. One of her biggest victories came on Aldeeran where she destroyed Sith Darth Malgus. Her power set includes telekinesis which proved to be lifesaving for her. 

With the help of her abilities she could block lightsabers and carry out extreme actions. Along with this, she also possesses powers of telepathy and foresight. This helps her get the upper hand in battles with her enemies. 


3. Nomi Sunrider

Nomi Sunrider

Nomi Sunrider

Just like Bastila Shan, Naomi Sunrider was also capable of Battle Mediation which helped her and her allies win multiple battles. Along with this, she was a proficient duelist as well. But she is most well known, not for her powers but for her compassion. 

She was instrumental in the redemption path of Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma since she gave him the opportunity to leave the dark-side and join the side of light. Nomi was also a veteran of the Great Sith War and participated in Onderon’s liberation. She was truly a beacon of hope for the Jedi Order throughout their battles against strong Siths like Freedon Nadd and Exar Kun


2. Meetra Surik

Meetra Surik

Meetra Surik

Meetra Surik was a powerful and controversial Jedi. She was powerful because she could use unique abilities like Moving Meditation (using Force to repair mechanical devices), Battle Precognition (using Force to sense the enemy’s directions), and using Force Enlightenment (boosting the most developed powers of a Jedi). 

Now, she was controversial because during the Mandalorian wars, she decided to side with Malak and Revan to defend the Republic. As such, her actions were in defiance to the Jedi Council. But thankfully, this was not the only action that defined her. 

She played a notable role in defeating the Sith Triumvirate as well. As one can imagine, Meetra Surik made the entire galaxy reverberate with tales of her powers and exploits. 


1. An’ya Kuro

An'ya Kuro

An’ya Kuro

An’ya Kuro was most popularly known as the “Dark Woman”. She could manipulate light and control plants, the former talent allowed her to become fully invisible. Kuro was such a skilled fighter that she could even pass effectively through various solid objects. 

The dark woman also possessed skills like Force healing and teleportation. Also, we need to mention that she is deserving of her number one spot because she was able to maintain powers like her speed, diligence, athleticism, and deadly skills even in her old age. 

We should clarify that we didn’t add Rey in here because she is just starting off. There’s a lot more she has to learn and grow in terms of her Force powers. So tell us who else do you think deserves to be on this list?