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The Alliance Between Corlys Velaryon And Daemon Targaryen

By Sumit Sahu
August 29,2022

Hatred and revenge consume even the noblest of minds. Even though Lord Corlys is serving King Viserys as his Master of Ships, he still seeks revenge on the failed attempt of building ceremonial relationship with the Targaryen family.

Lord Corlys wanted to get his daughter married to King Viserys, but that didn’t happen because King chose Alicent Hightower for the marriage over Corlys’s daughter. He left the court room with hopelessness and anger.

Earlier he showed his anger on the fact that King didn’t act on crab feeders who killing his sailors and destroying his fleets. So, probably the best idea for him was to find someone who has unmatched thoughts with King Viserys just like he does.

And he went to talk things out with Daemon Targaryen.

The Alliance 

Daemon Staring at the Dragon Egg

Daemon Staring at the Dragon Egg

Daemon might not be on the same page with King Viserys, but he hasn’t yet lost his cool on him. There is no revenge in his eyes, but there is desperation to sit on the Iron Throne. And to escalate this desperation, Lord Corlys offered him the chance to redeem himself among people who are still doubting his potential.

He asks Daemon to fight alongside him and defeat the crab feeders. Corlys convinced Daemon to shed blood on a free land, to which the King denied in clear words. Corlys is well aware of the fact that King would be furious at him and Daemon for this untold action. But still, his anger towards the King has forced him to break the rules set by him.

Lord Corlys

Lord Corlys

If this alliance grows to be stronger in the future, then possibly they will challenge the throne at some point after Aegon is born. Aegon Targaryen will be the firstborn son of King Viserys and Alicent Hightower. Probably, it is going to be a tough time between Aegon and Rhaenyra for the throne. But Daemon is not just going to let these siblings fight over winning the throne easily, which he thinks is rightfully his.

The desperation that Daemon has for the throne will turn into anger and frustration for sure. And that will be the day, when Corlys’s alliance with Daemon will be the root to bigger plans on winning back the throne.

Let’s wait for the third episode of House of the Dragon to learn more about this alliance. The next episode will give a better glimpse at what we can expect from this team-up of two people who have different thoughts than of the King Viserys.