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The Ancient One’s Prophecy Will Be Fulfilled By Doctor Strange Variants

By Mabel Judith Andrady
March 2,2022

According to The Multiverse of Madness trailer, a prophecy from The Ancient One may be fulfilled by one of several Doctor Strange variants. The Ancient One’s abilities have blown audiences away ever since she made her screen debut in Doctor Strange. The fact that she was able to see into the future was an impressive feat. She was able to see into the future and learn a lot about Doctor Strange.

The Ancient One resisted handing over the Time Stone to Bruce Banner in Avengers: Endgame. Her shock was compounded when she learned that Thanos had received the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. In her disbelief, this is what she said:

“Strange is meant to be the best of us.”

All of the MCU’s sorcerers, or more likely the Masters of the Mystic Arts, could have been referred to as “us.” Doctor Strange’s future greatness was predicted by her prophecy. She also taught him the most important lesson in Doctor Strange, a flaw that prevents him from achieving greatness. His arrogance and ego are what is holding him back, she said simply, “It’s not about you.”

When Strange Encounters A Statue Of Himself

Statue of Strange

Statue of Strange

When it was indicated that he’d meet with at least one of his alternate selves in the upcoming sequel, the Ancient One’s prophecy that Strange would become his best self came true. In another universe, Strange encounters a statue of himself, as shown in the trailer. Strange might be able to meet that version of himself and see his heroic potential. Strange Supreme is the most likely encounter. It’s possible the trailer for Multiverse of Madness is purposefully deceptive. However, it appears that the two wizards will meet once again.

Strange Supreme, the hero of the animated series, went to extremes in his quest for the ability to alter time and bring his beloved Christine Palmer back to life. He didn’t realize how bad things were until the dark variant wiped out everything he had ever known. A lesson in selflessness and consideration for others could be learned by Dr. Strange if he engages in dialogue with his dark counterpart. The Ancient One’s vision for Strange’s future greatness hinges on him learning from the mistakes of his variant. In the MCU, there’s no doubt about it.

Meeting The Classic Loki Was A Game Changer

Loki in The Avengers 2012


The Loki series gave viewers a lot of different options. Many of Loki’s incarnations appeared to him, each with their own set of characteristics and backstories. Loki’s variants, on the other hand, allowed him to see himself in a new light.

For example, meeting the powerful Classic Loki made Loki acknowledge that being alone and away from Thor may not be the best outcome. Sylvie, on the other hand, taught him to trust. The alternate realities of the multiverse offer a wealth of opportunities for the main MCU characters to reflect on their own character arcs. In Doctor Strange 2, the same thing could happen to Doctor Strange.

As a result of the variants, Doctor Strange will undoubtedly grow as a character. In addition, he may be able to learn magical abilities or spells from them that will allow him to become even more powerful. Even if Dr. Strange becomes Sorcerer Supreme, this time legally, it’s possible. Whatever happens in In the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel fans can look forward to a wild ride.

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