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The Bad Batch Leak Confirms That There Is A Turncoat In The Disney+ Show

By Ishita Chatterjee
April 25,2021

Spoiler Warning: The Below Articles Contains Spoiler Information About Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Till now we have received quite a lot of plot details about Star Wars: The Bad Batch animated show. Also, we have also seen its first poster too. So, once we calmed down after seeing the first look poster and teaser, something dawned on us. This was the fact that one member of Clone Force 99 was strangely missing from their marketing campaign till now. 

Bad Batch

Crosshair Missing From The Action?

Eagle-eyed fans must have noticed that Crosshair has been missing in action from when the team flees from Kamino and goes rogue. He is the sharpshooter and possesses a quiet demeanor, which has always made him stand a little out from the group. 



But now, things have changed. After all, The Bad Batch has now defected from The Empire and so, fan speculation is rife that the sniper has chosen the Empire. 

Has Crosshair Defected To The Empire? 

Now, it seems like there’s some hard evidence to back up these speculations. A LEGO leak has given details about a set called the “Bad Batch Shuttle” that will be released alongside the show. The leak says that the Minifigures will include Crosshair but it will come with a twist- he will be putting on an imperial suit. This leak has confirmed what all fans were speculating- there has been a shift in his allegiances.

Bad Batch Poster

This Lego leak was made by a Reddit user called u/dtinaglia. He described Crosshair’s action figure and said that the sniper will indeed be betraying his team and join with the Empire after Order 66. You can see the entire description below: 

“Formerly a member of the Bad Batch, Crosshair’s loyalties shift after his team defects from Imperial service. Committed to the Empire, Crosshair leads a new squad of enlisted recruits.


Why Is Crosshair Becoming A Turncoat?

The question everyone is asking is- why made Crosshair choose the Empire? So, let us first begin by saying that Crosshair stood out even among this band of misfits. He was silent and it was difficult to know what he was thinking. Crosshair’s cat-like cold demeanor always suggested that his loyalties were questionable. So while he had served under the Republic, but it’s clear now that he was just not compelled enough to follow the Jedi. 

Bad Batch From The Clone War Series

Bad Batch From The Clone War Series

Also, it’s possible that once the Jedi got eliminated due to Order 66 as well as the death of the Republic, the rest of the Bad Batch team didn’t feel the compulsion to serve under the Empire any more. As such, along with that dialogue in the new trailer where Tarkin says that the team has to be disposed of, it makes sense that the gang goes running and Crosshair quite simply, might not have wanted to run. 

So now we know that Crosshair doesn’t choose his team, instead, he chooses the Empire. So it’s quite possible that Tarkin is even talking to him and giving him the assignment of killing his former unit. As such, it’s clear now that Crosshair will be the antagonist of the show and with that, the stakes have become much more personal now. 

Could Crosshair Unwillingly Be In The Empire? 

So, now it remains to be seen how the rest of the clones respond to one of them betraying them. However, we must mention that it’s quite possible that he is under the control of an inhibitor chip. So could the group try to talk to Crosshair and save him? But the question is- can he be saved? After all, there are loads of dangerous things in the galaxy, especially for the people who don’t follow the commands of the Empire. 

Bad Batch In The Clone Wars Series

Bad Batch In The Clone Wars Series

So with Crosshair now rubbing shoulders with the Empire, it will be extremely difficult for our bad batch to travel across the galaxy and make their ends meet by causing chaos. But we certainly would love to see how the batch continues to survive while evading the Empire. Honestly, they have us hooked.