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The Bad Batch’s Omega Avoids The Biggest Baby Yoda Problem In Mandalorian

By Ishita Chatterjee
May 15,2021

In Star Wars: The Bad Batch, we were recently introduced to a brand new character- Omega and it looks like that this new character is already well on the way towards fixing the biggest problem of baby Yoda. The Bad Batch takes place immediately after The Clone Wars when the Empire was just beginning its galactic reign. 

When the Bad Batch learns about Palpatine’s sinister intentions, they escape Kamino as well as the Empire along with a child- Omega, who is a mysterious clone of Jango Fett. The show is right now in its very early days, but based on what we have seen till now, it has mirrored The Mandalorian. Let’s take a look: 

Omega and Baby Yoda

How Has The Bad Batch Paralled The Mandalorian? 

We know that Pedro Pascal led the show, Din Djarin’s life takes a turn when he rescues Grogu, a Force adept youngling. Throughout the show, we have seen Din being emotionally vulnerable as the tough bounty hunter changes his life and sacrifices a lot for protecting the baby. 

We are sure that you can see what we mean by now. Omega’s role in the show is similar to that of Grogu. She seems to have bonded with Hunter who again, is a seasoned soldier. Both of them echo the same dynamic between Din and Grogu. 


However, Omega isn’t fully similar to Baby Yoda and this might be a blessing because it solves one of the biggest issues in The Mandalorian. 

Omega Is A Character Whereas Grogu Is…Not

We know that a lot of people are going to be upset, but hear us out- Grogu wasn’t actually much of a character in himself. He was likeable, adorable, but in the end, his role isn’t much more than that of a plot device. In fact, a lot of the fandom has also said that the lack of any character development with Grogu irked them a lot. 

Now, in contrast, Omega is a character. She has a unique backstory and is an independent thinking character. Also, there’s a lot going on with her apart from just her relationships with the Bad Batch. In fact, we must say that Omega has turned out to be a really interesting character. 

After all, she is different from the characters we already know. As such, this gives The Bad Batch a unique tone and brings balance to the story. Now, these are early days, but we are sure that she will develop more as the storyline progresses. 

Bad Batch

Grogu was a mega and instant hit with The Mandalorian viewers since he was adorable and acted as the comic relief. This helped balance out Din’s more serious nature. But he never became a character on his own like Ahsoka in The Clone Wars or Ezra in Rebels. So in comparison, Omega is already faring well and we are excited to see her character development as the show progresses further on. 

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