The Cutest Instagram Photos Of Henry Cavill

So, we’ve all heard of and adored Henry Cavill. Some people may identify him as Clark Kent, called Superman. Others may recognise him as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher. I think we can all agree that Henry is the definition of tall, dark, and attractive, regardless of where you’ve seen him before.

I’ve compiled a list of some of his most swoon-worthy Instagram photographs. While you’re browsing, please give him a follow at @henrycavill. Look at this:

1. To begin, Henry displayed his flawless pearly whites at the following time:

2. A casual flexing of those muscles at the gym:

3. With this piercing glance, he stole the show:

4. After all, who can resist a man who can make a mean handmade pizza?

5. During the reps when he was deep in thought:

6. A little behind-the-scenes activity in which he is also pretty shirtless:

7. When he was beaming as he sat atop this slick Ducati:

8. This model-worthy photo of him chilling at his trailer:

9. When he showed us another sight of his abs, along with a glance at this Witcher-inspired unique FX makeup:

10. The happy hour waiter you wish was pouring your ice-cold drink:

11. A beautiful photo of a man and his four-legged companion:

12. This adorable selfie with those baby blues:

13. That time, he demonstrated his enthusiasm for the game:

14. When he was travelling around the world, he discovered the following sights and sounds:

15. This rugged style will make you swoon even more:

Source: Buzz Feed

Instagram: Henry Cavill