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The Existence Of Eternals And Zeus In The MCU Could Be Complex

By Abraham George
April 21,2022

In both the Marvel Comics universe and the MCU, Marvel made it clear that the Eternals were the source of Greek myths and gods. Celestial children like Thena and Athena, who were immortal, were the source of ideas for other people, like Zeus. However, that was a little bit of a problem. In fact, the Thor comics have long established the MCU Greek gods as a powerful group of immortals from other worlds, just like the Asgardians. Hercules is the most well-known of them. It’s possible that the Greek gods were real. How did the Eternals help the gods? That is, of course, Russell Crowe as the MCU’s Zeus on Mount Olympus. How come? People, things start to get a little wacky. But there is a reason for this. Here’s how the MCU can hold both the Greek Gods and the Eternals in a way that makes sense.

A lot of people get mixed up about what happened at the Olympics because they don’t know what happened in real life. When Jack Kirby came up with the Eternals in 1976, he thought of them outside of the normal Marvel universe. But when the book didn’t sell very well, the people in charge at the publisher made the characters a part of the bigger Marvel mythos. But Kirby had already used the Greek gods in Marvel’s Thor a decade earlier, so that was a problem. Retconning was in order, so it took little good old-fashioned work. Even though later people did this, not Kirby himself.

History Between Zeus And Zuras

Zeus And Zuras

Zeus And Zuras played revolutionary leaders in the MCU

This is how it worked out in the comic books: Zeus and Eternal Zuras were paired up in the comics. They told them that Zuras was the ruler of the Eternal City of Olympia, which was in the mountains of Greece and was called Olympia. At this point, there was a main entrance between Earth and the Olympians’ home world. This is said to have led many ancient Greeks to think the Eternals were members of the pantheon of Olympians that they worshiped. A brand mix-up: Let’s just say it was an early case of that, okay?

They met with Zuras, and his daughter Azura. Zeus and his daughter Athena were there, as well. Athena suggested that the Olympian gods and the Eternals form an alliance. She saw how similar Zeus and Zuras looked to her and Azura and herself right away. The Eternals agreed to act as the gods’ representatives on Earth, so they could help the people on Earth. Because this was a promise, Azura changed her name to Thena to make sure it was real. Eventually, people thought that many of the Eternals were not just the Greek gods’ representatives. They thought they were the gods. This made the Olympians angry, which led to a short war with the Eternals.

Most of the time, the MCU likes to simplify some of the more complicated ideas from the comics so that more people can read them. We thought humans would think the Eternals were gods because they lived on Earth. Then their names just changed over time. Definitely, Chloé Zhao’s movie implies that a lot, so there’s no need for real Olympians. With MCU Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s clear that the Greek gods are real in the MCU. So how will they deal with the difference?

Zeus May Connect To The Future

Russell Crowe as Zeus in a still from the Teaser

Russell Crowe as Zeus in a still from the Teaser

As in the comics, some of the Eternals might share their names with some of the Olympians. This could happen in the MCU as well. People who are Thena and Makkari are the only ones who can really use this. Sersi and Ikaris were not gods in Greek and Roman mythology, so they wouldn’t have Olympian counterparts. Even though the movie never said that Thena used another name. Athena may have been the source of her name, or she may have named herself after her. When or if athena was even real.

Seeing Zeus in the MCU could be the reason Zuras wasn’t in the movie about the Eternals. The introduction of the King of the Greek gods in Thor: Love and Thunder may have made Marvel think that it was too complicated for people to understand everything. So Zuras didn’t make it into the MCU’s story. Zeus was instead. People who know Taika Waititi’s sense of humour think that the Eternals vs. Greek Gods confusion will be dealt with in a funny way. Marvel’s Zeus might say something about how the Celestials used the real history of the Greek gods to make up a story for their creations.

That seems like the best way to deal with everything. And it fits well with the MCU brand. So, will Marvel just make a joke about it to make it all go away? If it doesn’t, will it do some cosmic tricks like comic books do to make it all make sense? Who knows. It’s crazy that the fandom is about to see the gods expand in the MCU. It may seem to be how Gorr may come to entangle with these elements on July 8, 2022.

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