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The Family Tree Of Bruce Banner A.K.A The Hulk

By Sumit Sahu
August 22,2022

The curiosity to learn about Bruce Banner’s family tree was urged after we witnessed the discussion between Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner about who is the smartest in their family, in the first episode of She-Hulk.

To the discussion in the car right before their accident, Jennifer says to Bruce, “You are not the only one smartest in the family!”. To which, Bruce replies, “No, I think there is also Ched.” 

So, now we know that Bruce Banner has smart cousins, and as per MCU, we know two of them, Jennifer and Ched. But, what is the family tree of Hulk as of comics? Let’s shed some light to it!

Bruce Banner’s Parents

Bruce Banner's Parents

Bruce Banner’s Parents

Bruce is son to Brian Banner and Rebecca Banner in Earth 616. As per the comics, Bruce Banner, a.k.a Hulk was cloned and he was named as Behemoth.

Brian was an abusive husband and hated his mutated son. At one point of time, Brian killed Rebecca and was sent to some mental hospital.

Later Bruce was raised by his father’s sister, Susan Banner, who supported him throughout his pain and rage that resulted in his childhood sufferings.

Over time, Bruce started talking about how he got an imaginary friend named ‘Hulk’ who resides within him. It was his alter ego that held onto all the rage and fear he had since his childhood.

And this is the reason his alter-ego is angry and makes him stronger to never feel the fear again.

Jennifer Walter’s Parents

Family Tree

Family Tree

Jennifer Walters is daughter to Elaine Banner Walters and Morris Walters. Elaine is sister to Brian Banner and this is how Jen and Bruce are immediate cousins.

Unlike Bruce, Jennifer had a good life and moving on she will get married to John Jameson Jr. In the comics they are divorced after few years of their marriage.

Bruce Banner’s Wife and Kids

Bruce's Family

Bruce’s Family

Bruce first got married to Caiera and gave birth to Hiro-Kala and Skaar.

Later, he had another daughter with Thundra and they named her Lyra.

Following on, Hulk had another relationship with Monica Rappacini and had a daughter with her, who was named as Carmilla Black.

Hulk had two more relationships with women named Jarella and Elizabeth Ross.

This all about the comic chain of Hulks family tree. We are keen to learn more about the siblings and more connected family members that Bruce has in Marvel comics. How far will MCU go to introduce detailed family characters? We will know when it is about time.

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