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The First Trailer For Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Is Here And Its Brutal

By Abraham George
January 18,2022

The first look at Oscar Isaac’s troubled comic book character Marc Spector and his lunar alter ego, Moon Knight, from the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series Moon Knight is here. In 2022, Disney Plus will host several Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 shows, including this one.

Originally a mercenary, Spector now serves as a conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu and goes by the moniker Moon Knight. He has dissociative identity disorder, and his MCU counterpart will have the same problem. There’s a chance that the dusty exhibits at Steven’s work will jog some harrowing memories for Marc, who is the Earthbound avatar of the moon god Khonshu.

The six-episode series will also feature Ethan Hawke as a cult leader. The trailer showed more footage of Spector, who appears to have lost parts of his memory and sees terrifying illusions of monsters, than we saw in November’s Disney Plus Day glimpse. Isaac’s British accent is also becoming more prominent. Spector’s Moon Knight form is the most significant revelation. A strange, unnerving voice tells him to “embrace the chaos.

Why No Lockley?



Many Moon Knight fans were perplexed when Lockley’s character name was not mentioned in the trailer or synopsis, and they wondered whether the series would include the titular mercenary’s alter ego or if he had been removed from the plot entirely.

They screengrabbed various trailer frames and questioned whether Isaac could be posing as Lockley, even though his profile didn’t seem to match the character’s. Steven Grant, on the other hand, appears to have undergone a major shift in his comic book counterpart. The Lockley persona could even be saved for a possible second season of the MCU show, according to some, who thought he was simply absent from the trailer to maintain an air of mystery around the show.

The Synopsis

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

The series follows Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee who is plagued by blackouts and memories of a previous life, according to Marvel’s synopsis. A dissociative identity disorder leaves Steven with Marc Spector’s body. Steven/Marc’s enemies are closing in on them, and they have to deal with a deadly mystery involving powerful Egyptian gods.” Doug Moench serves as executive producer and writer on Moon Knight, while Mohamed Diab serves as director.

On March 30, Disney+ subscribers will be able to watch Moon Knight on the service.

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