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The High Republic Animated Series Of Star Wars Reportedly In The Works

By Kunal Sharma
December 8,2020

Last year saw the Skywalker storyline reach its finish, and since then, Star Wars fans and enthusiasts all over have been wondering that what’s next for the universe and in which direction Lucasfilm is going to take it. However, there are many projects which are under production and will come out as big-screen movies; for now, the upcoming addition to the world of force, galaxies, and Jedi’s is a new multimedia endeavour, ” Star Wars: High Galaxy.”

This storyline with an entirely new projection will be two centuries before even the episode of Phantom Menace—which will be a journey through the golden era of Jedi’s, galactic republic, and force of order. The project is going to be multidimensional with multiple novellas, magazines, animated comics, audio stories. All these efforts will prove a massive step for Lucasfilm and their creative team working on this. And excitingly, it is also leaked that a brand new animated series with the same title would be a part of the project too.


It seems like the initial three episodes are being produced at Lucasfilm already. One of them has come out as – Star Wars: Bad Batch, a furtherment to the story of The Clone Wars. The remaining episodes will focus on the original project’s High Republic and its timeline, according to the project. Reportedly there was a mention of even a live-action play. Still, no firm information is available about that.

After looking at the sheer scale of production and the planning in the project, a tv show or a film would seem an obvious part of it. Even when we look at Star Wars, we remember the iconic characters, the galactic universe, weapons, and much more. These all are superb visual effects that can’t be merely achieved through just novels or comic books, and it doesn’t make sense commercially too.

But as it is with larger universes like Star Wars, that there are multiple rumors and setbacks. We should be sure of it when there’s something of an official tease. We may get to know how the Star Wars: High Republic will be released in the next few months, with its production in firm stages.